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I’m an actress 🎬. I like rom-coms, adventure, fantasy, British dramas, Action , comedy. I am a big fan of Marvel,DC, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, LOTR, Avatar (James Cameron) films ! I’m also a fan of Studio Gibili films 🎥 such as: Tortoro, Howls Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Kiki’s delivery service, and others !


So far good. Long episodes which is nice. Haven’t gotten to far in the season yet.

Star Wars: Andor imageStar Wars: Andor image

Star Wars: Andor

Shows | Drama

The music was awesome. Loved the ovience of the backdrop and towns people. But oh my god fricken sad. But also that’s reality for those who didn’t have a home to go to back then and still today. But still sad 😞. Also how can you I leave the dog !!! She just sat there and it walked off. If she was looking for comfort in her life the dog the dog could have been the answer for her

The Little Matchgirl imageThe Little Matchgirl image

The Little Matchgirl

Movies | Drama

Wow amazing film about forest preservation didn’t think it would be that in depth. I never saw this film as a child, unless I did and I don’t remember. But anyways now writing a review at 4 am bc I wasn’t feeling well and have been up since 2 am in pain. Anyways, loved the forest preservation cause ya girl is all about that. Was sad that Zak didn’t stay ! Like omg whyyy didn’t he. Like I know why, but still. I thought he got some Magic’s dust go in him ? I thought maybe he’ll be a fairy finally. I saw when searching this movie that there is a second film, so who knows. The music was cute. Overall, if you like fantasy and fairies, land preservation then defiantly give it a go

FernGully: The Last Rainforest imageFernGully: The Last Rainforest image

FernGully: The Last Rainforest

Movies | Fantasy

Such a charming film. It goes to the extent of a kind person trying to achieve her dream while being trapped by feeling the need to help those who take her for granted. The film didn’t include many sights in Paris which was disappointing. I wish I could have one the sweepstakes for the movie but it didn’t happen. Anyways a definitely a must watch film. Very charming.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris imageMrs. Harris Goes to Paris image

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Movies | Drama

If you like scams/scandals this is the show for you. The moms character is funny, hilarious, and a bit scary lol 😂. She reminds me of that one blonde women in the movie with Johnny depp where he’s a vampire. So far the show is good, I’ve only seen about 2 episodes

Ginny & Georgia imageGinny & Georgia image

Ginny & Georgia

Shows | Comedy

Well I’m glad I’ve only paid $5 to see this movie rather than theater prices for around $14. It’s clear they just made a film for Roberts and Clooney to be together. It seemed like Hollywood got their merchandise team and asked them “okay how do we get people to go to the theaters? Hmmm people love Roberts and some love Clooney, so let’s get a script together.” Script was alright… it could have been more in depth. It really felt bare minimum. With the script not being there really the environment of Bali was beautiful and defiantly made up for the script being ehhh. Would I recommend? I would recommend trying to see it for free. If you like Roberts and Clooney then yes i think you’ll like it. If you want a romance comedic film that’s not totally amazing but it’s alright then yes I recommend.

Ticket to Paradise imageTicket to Paradise image

Ticket to Paradise

Movies | Comedy

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