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In 1970s London amidst the punk rock revolution, a young grifter named Estella is determined to make a name for herself with her designs. She befriends a pair of young thieves who appreciate her appetite for mischief, and together they are able to build a life for themselves on the London streets. O

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2021-05-26

Runtime 134 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 8.4


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wine_bar shared a tip "Really enjoyed this movie! It was visually appealing, great story and soundtrack. Would love to see another one………"

katrina_charlton shared a tip "Funny, sad"

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kentongewecke shared a tip "Best film of 2021. Change my mind."

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erica_love_6366 shared a tip "It was great. Not your typical sappy Disney movie"

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parastoo_maleki shared a tip "Not bad"

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rebecca_mcfadden_2008 shared a tip "Red dress for sure!"

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ivy_schumacher shared a tip "The best disney movie😍"

kelly_takacs_4336 shared a tip "Emma Stone is fabulous in this role. Great modern twist of a classic story."

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marelyn1638 shared a tip "I enjoyed this movie so much the concept is amazing and the music was lovely 100 % recommended!!"

miaparker shared a tip "Really good! — I’d love to watch this again 👍🏽👍🏽 Both Emmas are spectacular in this 🤩 🤩"

finn_1508 shared a tip "Best one that explained her back story"

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robin_baxter_1881 shared a tip "I really enjoyed this movie. Felt that they did such a good job. Was really interesting to see where the villain came from."

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idella_blythe shared a tip "anything with the fashion, i was obssessed with it :)"

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dnldjackson22 shared a tip "The movie has its flaws and cliches, but it’s an enjoyable one, especially its look into the world of fashion."

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Soleil_ shared a tip "AMAZING MOVIE. Fantastic plot, music and acting!! One of my favorite movies right now!"

Patricia Nunez Cardoso's profile image

patricia_nunez_card shared a tip "such a good movie! it really gives you a different perspective on cruella. also, the soundtrack was AMAZING!!!"

laura_fulton_130 shared a tip "Very nice movie some small boring talk  scenes and one sad scene. #disneyplus #live_action #comedy"

Sophia Cannelos's profile image

sophia_cannelos shared a tip "An incredible movie with a lot of empowerment, not childish at all. And I love all the costumes and makeup!"

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aaliyah_moore_3228 shared a tip "I loved this movie it was so good"

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momentsofjoys shared a tip "That was really good!! I love that Disney is making movies about their villains. Loved learning Cruella’s background story."

evan_etchison shared a tip "It’s not the best by any means, but I like it for what it is! "

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lilly_s_8268 shared a tip "Costumes were ON POINT! Loved the story, too. So good."

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rose_mathew shared a tip "I watched the movie recently, and I loved it so much!"

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maggie_adamus shared a tip "My favorite Disney remake & I love the soundtrack!"

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c_smolli shared a tip "This was unexpectedly one of the best movies I’ve seen in theatres!"

Pånic Pøint's profile image

pnic_pint shared a tip "Everything"

taylor_3987 shared a tip "Creative, luscious, fun"

jocelynn_6570 shared a tip "I was good"

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amazon_storm shared a tip "Surprisingly, I liked this movie a lot more than I thought I would."

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jazmin_leonardo shared a tip "It was evil and inspiring!! 😏"

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voeuxie shared a tip "It was honestly pretty good! Pleasantly surprised"

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breezy_girl shared a tip "Totally recommend! It’s such amazing maxing movie"

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kellie_rose shared a tip "This looks so good"

mason_webber shared a tip "Amazing"

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LolaM617 shared a tip "Just finished watching this and it was fantastic! Emma stone nailed this role!"

journey_gilliam_5915 shared a tip "I found it very empowering and exciting."

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jam_studio shared a tip "This was the first time I had been back at the movie theater and it was worth it!"

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abagail_ikari shared a tip "This movie is so inspiring and moving showing that you can be who ever you no matter who your parents are."

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sam_sharp_199 shared a tip "I liked it, maybe because I was having low expectations of the film. I'm going to watch it again later."

Carolyn Bickers's profile image

carolyn_bickers shared a tip "Such a fun movie. Loved the costume design. Emma Stone is fantastic."

kelly_seitz_844 shared a tip "Fun and Dark but loved the actors and the humor!"

Elizabeth Thomas's profile image

elizabeth_thomas_5612 shared a tip "I love how it brought us through her whole story and made her misunderstood!"

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bookaholic_.1 shared a tip "Loved this movie so much! #love #disney"

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dawn_fitzgerald shared a tip "I loved it but my 12yo daughter hated it 😔"

Skyler Spirn's profile image

skyler_spirn shared a tip "One of the best actors ever I loved this movie so intense and also a bit funny. I really recommend this as a family movie."

julie_kwon_9046 shared a tip "Best movie I’ve seen in a while"

Teeterman433 's profile image

teeterman433 shared a tip "It was great!!! Definitely worth the money to see. Really family friendly too but jokes for everyone to enjoy"

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shannon_van_enger shared a tip "Loved it!"

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taylor_seals_8528 shared a tip "Took my son to see it and we loved it! 10/10 would recommend 🐾💜"

Sofie Kongolo's profile image

sofie_kongolo shared a tip "The best movie of all time and it will be for a while"

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cierra_payne shared a tip "Good movie for family and friends"

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astrobots shared a tip "I believe in Emma Stone supremacy"

Lily🏳️‍🌈 's profile image

lily_the_leo shared a tip "Probably best live action disney has made to date :)"

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kelsi_strong_4563 shared a tip "Me too! It was so good seeing her origins."

chloe_rhodes_1911 shared a tip "Me too!❤️"

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hellen_diaz shared a tip "Watched with my cousin and nieces and we all loved it!"

Mozella Long's profile image

mozella_long shared a tip "Because we got to see why she is so mean when she gets older"

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jennalyn_silverwood shared a tip "It's a nice twist"

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kevin_murphy_2771 shared a tip "Hi Chris! I have a lot of favorite movies. I love many 70s movies as well. :-)"

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simply_chelsea shared a tip "It is the perfect family movie"

clarissa_king_5694 shared a tip "It was really good and cool"

Brÿana Danyelle's profile image

brana_danyelle shared a tip "Watched it 3 times so good"

glenn_780 shared a tip "It's so Great I recommend to watch this!"

marcia_williams shared a tip "It was up to date showed the story from Cruella’s perspective also loved that she didn’t sacrifice the dogs for her cool style"

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eric_drew_8063 shared a tip "This movie was fire and Im not even a female lol"

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christian_christian_43622 shared a tip "It's was a good movie"

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rachel_gilbert_7001 shared a tip "I really love IT 😍"

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musiq_macho shared a tip "Disney formula movie, extraordinary first half and a predictable second half."

Kendall Hines's profile image

kkbunnyboo shared a tip "This was so amazing 🖤🤍🖤🤍"

claudia_clayton shared a tip "It was great. Saw it with my ten year old granddaughter and I was surprised that it was good for me as well."

nyema shared a tip "I watched this one but didn't finish"

melissa_lindeman shared a tip "Love how they brought so much character to her! Awesome movie... More than I expected."

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john_ham shared a tip "S'okay..."

ariel_2026 shared a tip "Was absolutely a great movie!would totally watch again if i Had the chance!"

madeline_4530 shared a tip "ITS WAS AMAZING"

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ali_renae shared a tip "I absolutely loved Cruella's outfits 😍 they were to die for! 😍"

Teri Weatherbee's profile image

teri_weatherbee shared a tip "Plot holes when compared to 101 Dalmatians but still a good movie."

matthew_searle shared a tip "Loved it"

Jasmine Mcclure's profile image

jasmine_mcclure shared a tip "So fierce"

kristen_sweeney_2705 shared a tip "May 31"

abigail_russell_3507 shared a tip "Best costumes I have ever seen throughout the whole movie. It is amazing."

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lilly_washburn shared a tip "It was amazing and I loved it♥️♥️🔥"

dan_summers shared a tip "Solid!"

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