An incredibly well directed and acted film (Daniel Kaluuya especially stands out). Jordan Peele really knows how to weave social commentary through the use of imagery and suspense. Well deserved Oscars recognition.

Get Out imageGet Out image

Get Out

Movies | Mystery

Just finished watching this in IMAX. Really loved it. Heavy GAME OF THRONES vibe. Impressively adapted considering source material length. Fantastic direction, performances (Vikram, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Trisha, and Karthi MVP), cinematography, production values, and especially score and songs by AR Rahman. Definitely recommend seeing on the big screen ASAP. Cannot wait for Part 2!

Ponniyin Selvan: Part One imagePonniyin Selvan: Part One image

Ponniyin Selvan: Part One

Movies | Action

One of the best comedies I’ve ever seen. Extraordinarily well written and well acted by all 3 leads (Jack Lemmon in particular was hilarious). Highly recommended!

Some Like It Hot imageSome Like It Hot image

Some Like It Hot

Movies | Comedy

An incredibly well written and well acted film, with Michael Sheen and Helen Mirren especially being standouts (Mirren thoroughly deserved her Oscar win).

The Queen imageThe Queen image

The Queen

Movies | Drama

So hilarious at times and well made, not to mention captures the 70s vibe so well! A heavily layered and complex screenplay peppered with hilarious moments (the complexity of script reminded me heavily of CHINATOWN). Strong direction and ensemble performances, with Joaquin Phoenix in particular being incredible in this.

Inherent Vice imageInherent Vice image

Inherent Vice

Movies | Comedy

A fascinating film about moviemaking (one of the best of that genre) with a powerful commentary on show business in general. Incredible screenplay, cinematography and production design, as well as a compelling performance by Kirk Douglas.

The Bad and the Beautiful imageThe Bad and the Beautiful image

The Bad and the Beautiful

Movies | Drama

Technically a rewatch, but a beautifully heartfelt and well-written film about the importance of interpersonal relationships, with phenomenal character growth to boot. Tom Cruise really owns this role, with Cuba Gooding Jr., Renee Zellweger and Jonathan Lipnicki also standing out.

Jerry Maguire imageJerry Maguire image

Jerry Maguire

Movies | Comedy

An unapologetically bombastic yet fascinating biopic on Elvis Presley while also providing a commentary on the people of power in showbiz. Austin Butler is electrifying in the titular role (deserves a Best Actor Oscar nomination).

Elvis imageElvis image


Movies | Drama

An intense and incredibly well directed horror film with an interesting commentary on the price paid when valuing spectacle above all else. Stellar performances (especially Keke Palmer) paired with Jordan Peele’s masterful use of imagery and suspense.

Nope imageNope image


Movies | Mystery

A powerful and haunting character study, with an equally haunting performance by Jack Nicholson (easily one of his all-time best).

Five Easy Pieces imageFive Easy Pieces image

Five Easy Pieces

Movies | Drama

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