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In a small town in Maine, seven children known as The Losers Club come face to face with life problems, bullies and a monster that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2017-09-06

Runtime 135 minutes

Budget $35m

Revenue $0.7b


TMDB 7.2


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hannah shared a tip "You'll float too 🤡😫😱"

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lisa_ohazurike shared a tip "Spooky!! I didn't sleep for about 2 weeks after watching this. I recommend it for horror movie lovers."

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SistaTiph shared a tip "yes"

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ariell.skye shared a tip "oh i get it trash the trash mouth"

Kevin Smallwood's profile image

Kevin.Smallwood shared a tip "Much better than I expected.. 4/5*"

R Young's profile image

r_young shared a tip "A brilliant Pennywise, and the cast of kids is flawless."

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gina_curtis shared a tip "I enjoyed this movie. Not a big fan of horror but this was very well done. Scary but not just to be scary."

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elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "Great movie"

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gabriella_9093 shared a tip "It’s a good movie though"

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aaron_7939 shared a tip "Clowns don't scare me. Ghosts do.""

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chiya_amin_2149 shared a tip "Really enjoyed this movie more than the second one."

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WarDawg shared a tip "Not a bad remake.. Definitely was worded but pleasantly surprised. 9/10⭐"

ashunti_perry shared a tip "Funny and also chilling"

KaNay Elizabeth's profile image

kanay_elizabeth shared a tip "The original gave me my phobia of clowns. This one good but not as scary to me."

mya_5304 shared a tip "Fav movie"

Deion Jones's profile image

deion_jones shared a tip "Perfect blend of horror and comedy"

franklin_roman_martinez shared a tip "If there was any way to make a reboot of a movie this was how."

Sydney 's profile image

syd_robb shared a tip "My favorite horror movie!!"

Courtney Inwood's profile image

courtney_inwood shared a tip "Insanely good!!!"

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hannah_elliott_7320 shared a tip "I love Creepy stuff. Just saw it for the First time. Such an amazing movie. Kind of sad too."

Sierra Lewis's profile image

sierra_lewis_2444 shared a tip "This was so good and it really mad you like scared and its worth the watch plus its better than it 2"

Rushpal Sandhu's profile image

rushpal_sandhu shared a tip "Coo"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

stephanie rosborough's profile image

stephanie_rosborough shared a tip "Absolutely loved it"

Brit Lane's profile image

brit_lane shared a tip "Definitely the first one."

Megan Hellmann's profile image

megan_hellmann shared a tip "Loved the original!"

Megan England's profile image

megan_england shared a tip "Very well done!! My whole family loves it 😂😂"

Angel 's profile image

angel33 shared a tip "🏡🍿😉👍👍👍😉🍿🏡"

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ben_rodriguez shared a tip "Same"

Monique Vinnedge's profile image

monique_vinnedge shared a tip "amazing cast. have watched it like 7 times already"

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playboy__sin shared a tip "Lots of suspension which built up to jump scares, overall a fantastic movie."

taleeia_kaiden_rush shared a tip "Cool"

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krystal_de_leon shared a tip "Idk"

Jean Carlo Sagastume's profile image

jean_carlo_sagastume shared a tip "Ueujejenen"

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PaigeJones shared a tip "This movie is a personal favorite in my family!"

Gale Pettiford-Gladney's profile image

gale_pettiford-gladney shared a tip "If you like scary movies this is it"

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geronimo_alonso shared a tip "How can i watch"

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alexa_pines shared a tip "Favourite movie of all time"

katie's live's profile image

katies_live shared a tip "My favorite movie"

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eds_kaspbrak shared a tip "my favorite movie"

hellen_paz shared a tip "I liked everything the actors to the detail and i liked that basically everything was the same from the orginal movie"

Robert Neudecker's profile image

robert_neudecker shared a tip "Dancing clown scene and using him as a puppet"

Chad Sheridan's profile image

chad_sheridan shared a tip "First horror movie in a very long time to give me a physical fear reaction."

blackraven2478 's profile image

blackraven2478 shared a tip "It is cool"

reggie beat box's profile image

reggie_beat_box shared a tip "It just when I saw the cover I was like that's going to be the best movie ever and it is horror movie not the best ever movie"

Jamie Serafi's profile image

jserafi shared a tip "Love a good scare?? Hate clowns? I date you to watch this!!"

rea_no shared a tip "What a great redo. I think I ended up liking it more than the original"

Audrey Maffioli's profile image

audrey_maffioli shared a tip "i’m sorry but eddie is so cute"

Paige Adams's profile image

paige_adams_3630 shared a tip "Why on every “free movie” app you have to pay lmao😴😂🤣"

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amber_edits shared a tip "How do you see it it don’t let me👁👄👁"

Monserrath Medina's profile image

monserrath_medina_5007 shared a tip "😌"

Caitlynne Ard's profile image

caitlynne_ard shared a tip "Its not that scary"

Ahtziri 17's profile image

PmB_157 shared a tip "One of the greatest remakes I have ever seen. Such an amazing movie to watch and I HIGHLY recommend. 10/10"

Adrianne Sisson's profile image

adrianne_sisson shared a tip "It wasn’t that scary though. It was kind of disappointing"

vasilia_kofidis shared a tip "When he scared the actors"

vasilia_kofidis shared a tip "Oh sorry that was behind the scenes"

vasilia_kofidis shared a tip "My favriote was when penywise was in the tunnel"

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albertplays_alberto shared a tip "Hi"

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nadja_noriega shared a tip "This is my fav movie in history"

tiffany_poitras shared a tip "No i didn't and you?"

addy_9699 shared a tip "Where can I watch it?"

johanna_prieto shared a tip "How do I watch it"

ashley regan's profile image

ashley_regan_4 shared a tip "Probley when he did he little dance"

karley_robertson shared a tip "You stink"

laney_schmit shared a tip "I really loved the ending!"

El Chikano's profile image

el_chikano shared a tip "Yes"

🦋Jay🦋 's profile image

jay_jay_123 shared a tip "The Floating Children😅"

awesome_user_4083 shared a tip "This is literally my favorite movie"

Sunny Pastagia's profile image

sunny_pastagia shared a tip "Part 2!"

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rosita_turcios shared a tip "It good and lovey"

Shelby Utley's profile image

shelby_utley shared a tip "You'll float too, you'll float too, YOU'LL FLOAT TOO! 🤡🎈"

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paola_cabrera_5288 shared a tip "can i watch thw real movie"

denise_danziger shared a tip "Thrill factor"

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jesse_langford shared a tip "Great movie for horrer lovers. Could be scarier"

Emma McWilliams's profile image

emma_mcwilliams shared a tip "Eggboy! #horror #pennywise"

Jack Rouse's profile image

jack_rouse_445 shared a tip "Just amazing honestly"

Jacob Lange's profile image

jacob_lange_7197 shared a tip "Good movie love how the kids are trying to survive"

darian_pierson shared a tip "It was so funny and i love scary movies"

Faith Bettens's profile image

faith_bettens shared a tip "Although I love reading, in my opinion, the movie was fantastic! A lot of horror which is definitely my favorite genre😁"

Money Pick's profile image

money_pick shared a tip "Not yet"

laura_mcnally_1392 shared a tip "No, heard it wasn’t that good and never got around to watching it. Did you like it?"

Sammy Sharp's profile image

sammy_sharp shared a tip "Super scary to watch! (But if you do check out the second one, too)"

tyra_6673 shared a tip "Not yet!"

daniella_marie shared a tip "no i don’t read"

Samantha Blarasin Prevedel's profile image

samantha_blarasin_p shared a tip "Hmm I never thought about a favourite part. I really enjoyed the whole movie. I do like this first one better than the sequel"

brisa_robles shared a tip "I love it, and the cast was PERFECT"

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