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Truman Burbank is the star of The Truman Show, a 24-hour-a-day reality TV show that broadcasts every aspect of his life without his knowledge. His entire life has been an unending soap opera for consumption by the rest of the world. And everyone he knows, including his wife and his best friend is re

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1998-06-04

Runtime 103 minutes

Budget $60m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 8.1


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "An exceptional movie 🍿"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "The movie really predicted a lot of things, looking back at it, very good movie!"

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SagesRain shared a tip "This movie is a must watch, it truly engulfs you and has you rooting for the inevitable end."

Caleigh Knight's profile image

caleigh_knight shared a tip "Its a twist on reality as the worlds most known guy realizes he's the star of a reality tv show, but he never knew it."

Sonia Burton's profile image

sonia_burton shared a tip "Good Jim Carey movie."

Quinten Perkins's profile image

quinten_perkins shared a tip "The movie so good it inspired a series of unnerving mental disorders, as well as the Matrix. Who knew?"

robiamoha shared a tip "“Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!" Got to love it"

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k8thegr8 shared a tip "The hunger games before the hunger games existed (minus the murder)"

olivia cain's profile image

garraty_mcvries shared a tip "Eerie."

Loki Gajmer's profile image

loki_gajmer shared a tip "classic movie. mad enjoyable"

Nazi Azad's profile image

nazi_azad shared a tip "Amusing philosophical movie"

jessica_sennebogen shared a tip "4/5"

Megan H's profile image

meghei shared a tip "An absolute trip. This movie has stuck with me for decades. A true mindfck.. in the best way? 9.2/10"

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apricotti shared a tip "Wonderful"

STAR star 's profile image

starstar shared a tip "just watched this! it was so good, i love watching movies!"

ethan_cronin shared a tip "Sorry to bother you ! it’s a movie on netflix"

Savannah Ellis's profile image

savannah_ellis_9038 shared a tip "Not the usually jim Carey movie, but definitely a great one!! Sad with a great twist."

Sara 's profile image

sarace shared a tip "one of my favorites"

AB 's profile image

ashbrown shared a tip "Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight."

Willow Martin's profile image

willow_martin_6982 shared a tip "but of course"

Brad Ungar's profile image

bradley shared a tip "Under appreciated. Was really on top of the reality TV dangers early."

Stevie Hornikel's profile image

stevie_hornikel shared a tip "I love this movie because it was full of discovery and it was very intriguing"

ella 's profile image

ellaa_ shared a tip "one of my new favorites 🤘🤘🤘"

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gabrielle_patterson shared a tip "One of my absolute favorites!"

Katie Richman's profile image

katie_richman shared a tip "A fave! Makes you think about the nature of reality."

robin_6968 shared a tip "There are some plot holes, but the movie is amusing."

bella_gabbert shared a tip "I LOVE THIS MOVIE! It’s such and interesting concept. Definitely worth watching"

franklin_roman_martinez shared a tip "Great movie, peak Jim Carrey."

Henk Holveck's profile image

henk_holveck shared a tip "Probably my favorite movie of all time"

Liz Lane's profile image

liz_lane shared a tip "Some of Jim's best work. Funny, emotional, and triumphant."

Kevin Abaunza's profile image

kevin_abaunza shared a tip "One of my top ten movies now"

matthew Alakazam's profile image

matthew_alakazam shared a tip "Amazing movie, insane plot, comedy gold, gets you thinking deep"

ryker_van_gelderen shared a tip "It was a good movie"

Faith Gerwig's profile image

faith_gerwig shared a tip "Omg. OMG. WATCH IT. NOW!"

Mangor Bility's profile image

mangor_ shared a tip "When they discover he's missing"

Jared Miller's profile image

jared_miller_9378 shared a tip "Best of Jim, all emotions on display with a role almost created just for him."

Amanda Lammers's profile image

amanda_lammers shared a tip "One of Jim Carrey's great earlier movies. It is just a good nostalgic movie for me."

Tyler Atwood's profile image

shimloo shared a tip "Loved it, American classic"

olive 🫖🍰's profile image

oliverose shared a tip "My favorite work by Carrey"

nico 's profile image

nicoshideout shared a tip "amazing psychological concepts. there’s really nothing like it"

Sofia Cardenal's profile image

sofia_cardenal shared a tip "Love it, super funny."

abraham Mathew's profile image

abraham_mathew shared a tip "Incredible movie starring Jim Carey and it's one of those movies that really showcased his acting process."

sydney_baron shared a tip "Such a wholesome movie that really just pulls at your heartstrings but it also includes laughs and joyousness"

Afreen Mirza's profile image

afreen_mirza shared a tip "A must watch!"

Judith Abbott's profile image

judith_abbott shared a tip "Clever"

Denver Lancaster's profile image

denver_lancaster shared a tip "Haunting precognition."

Tedra Andrews's profile image

tedra_andrews shared a tip "Honestly one of the best movies ever made."

Janae Young's profile image

janae_young_7976 shared a tip "Very unique plot and very well done!"

Caitlin Halladay's profile image

caitlin_halladay shared a tip "A good #psychological movie with classic #JimCarrey vibes. I recommend that everyone watch this movie at least once in lives."

caroline_segars shared a tip "So unique and creative!"

Josh Henderson's profile image

josh_henderson shared a tip "Good movie"

A. 's profile image

allie_marszalek shared a tip "Really good and a unique movie! 9.5/10"

wynter sirof's profile image

wynter_sirof shared a tip "please just watch this movie it’s just so good."

Mr Zyngawf's profile image

mr_zyngawf shared a tip "I fuoly believe this is the greatest movie ever made. I loved it. Everyone who reads this should go watch it."

Gabby Olaisola's profile image

gabby_olaisola shared a tip "It’s an amazing movie, you definitely want to watch it again!"

Alien Potato's profile image

alien_potate shared a tip "And if I don't see ya! Good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight!"

Remona Johnson's profile image

remona_johnson shared a tip "Now on Netflix"

Stella 's profile image

stella_1007 shared a tip "I love the concept of this movie and it makes you think about your reality. :)"

Theresa 's profile image

TimidTheresa shared a tip "One of my favorites. I still think about this movie all the time."

Cirrus Macleod's profile image

cirrus_macleod shared a tip "Hulu 1/1"

Paul Hawkins's profile image

paul_hawkins shared a tip "Unique movie - solid story - nice to see Jim C in a serious move"

Emylee Gussler's profile image

emylee_gussler shared a tip "A thought-provoking and humorous look at reality TV."

Rob White's profile image

rob_white_3214 shared a tip "One of my favourite movies."

Kass Engh's profile image

kass_engh shared a tip "It has a twist to it. Nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Absolutely loved it! Would recommend to anyone 10/10"

daniel_howard_6048 shared a tip "Pretty good👍"

brianna_4923 shared a tip "Go in blind. It’s worth it."

perry_2326 shared a tip "Definitely way before its time, now that reality tv has become everyday tv, though provoking film."

Catherine Hawkins's profile image

evie_h shared a tip "this is literally the best movie i’ve ever watched"

Kaylan G-S's profile image

kaylan_g-s shared a tip "It has a lot of comedy in it and a good story, the main actor is @JimCarrey"

TIFFANY MCCORD's profile image

tiffany_mccord shared a tip "Utopia on Prime is similar but darker."

leanne_entwistle shared a tip "Such a cool concept, and I love seeing Jim Carrey in a semi-dramatic role. Incredible movie."

Corra Terria's profile image

corra_terria shared a tip "I love that it’s about three steps from being horror."

Elieh Entezari's profile image

elieh_entezari shared a tip "Perfect 👌"

zeljko_guberovic shared a tip "Makes you think"

Matthew Bowlus's profile image

matthew_bowlus shared a tip "i would give anything for a sequel"

Chai Francis's profile image

chai_francis shared a tip "It’s a movie that perfectly resembles our current society, just a masterpiece way ahead of its time."

Makenna Vogt's profile image

makenna_vogt shared a tip "This movie really makes you think about the world we live in today!"

sofia aguilar's profile image

sofia_aguilar_420 shared a tip "so so many words to describe this movie. i could watch it 50 times and never get bored 😁"

dallas_core shared a tip "4/5"

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david_ollington shared a tip "Gripping"

C. S.'s profile image

c._s._5374 shared a tip "Extra "what" thrown in there, oops."

Bethany 's profile image

bethany_1269 shared a tip "Probably Treasure Planet. How about you?"

shae_waters shared a tip "Love the movie it was inspiring and it had so many twist. Overall great movie🔥🔥🔥"

Jessica Seymour's profile image

jessica_seymour shared a tip "Great concept and great performance from Jim Carrey"

Jake Floriani's profile image

jake_floriani shared a tip "What a mind melt! Such an original movie idea. Love this film"

Kathy Winslow's profile image

kathy_winslow_4013 shared a tip "Incredibly good movie!! I'm not a Jim Carrey fan, but he is wonderful in this."

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