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When LeBron and his young son Dom are trapped in a digital space by a rogue A.I., LeBron must get them home safe by leading Bugs, Lola Bunny and the whole gang of notoriously undisciplined Looney Tunes to victory over the A.I.'s digitized champions on the court. It's Tunes versus Goons in the highes

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2021-07-08

Runtime 115 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.0


Sam Cordaro's profile image

sam_cordaro shared a tip "Everyone who dislikes needs to shut up, 'kay? It's an awesome sequel that needs a real fanbase, just like the original."

christina_paz shared a tip "It was a great movie and really funny and inspirational"

Cheezie Face's profile image

cheezie_face shared a tip "Boring and just a money maker"

emo gorl 's profile image

emo_gorl_4579 shared a tip "oh my god do not bother this made me question my entire life"

Leah Rose's profile image

leah_rose_7496 shared a tip "Loved this movie was a super cute movie."

Emanuel Catalan's profile image

E-man shared a tip "The first one did it better"

Emme 's profile image

emme_T shared a tip "Really fun and funny movie. If you love loony toons and basketball watch it NOW! 🏀"

Mason Steill's profile image

mason_steill shared a tip "What a disgrace to the first one. Awkward and poorly written."

Ash 's profile image

ashy_trashy shared a tip "Not as good as the first but not horrible"

Judith Gomez's profile image

judith_gomez_7698 shared a tip "Pretty good"

Earl Trotter's profile image

earl_trotter shared a tip "Interesting remake"

Picasso 's profile image

shooomyster shared a tip "Good movie but not at all like the first one, mainly about lebron's kid, with tons of tunes which is cool 8/10"

Pam Joseph's profile image

pam_joseph shared a tip "Apparently, I’ve been avoiding this one long enough. My son wins. Buuuuuut the film wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. Lol"

em 's profile image

emilia_valdivia shared a tip "it was a fun movie"

Jaylee Agnew's profile image

jaylee_agnew shared a tip "I watched in theaters and just got back, it was great"

Caidyn Coker's profile image

caidyn_coker shared a tip "no"

Tamira P. 's profile image

tamira_powe shared a tip "I need DomBall to become a real video game I’d play that all day long"

brandon_cotton shared a tip "A fun sequel that tells a great father son story. Way more heart than the original and just as much fun."

Unwanted 's profile image

unwanted shared a tip "It’s okay, but the old one is better."

Jane 's profile image

jane_2857 shared a tip "Good storyline."

becca_fitch shared a tip "king James isn’t as good as Jordan"

harley_cumbee shared a tip "meh"

Seth Beisner's profile image

seth_beisner shared a tip "Well that happened."

KOROEGG 2's profile image

koroegf shared a tip "It's fine"

Isabella Rangel's profile image

isabella_rangel shared a tip "I mean it was good but kinda disappointing tbh."

Dawn Cline's profile image

dawn_cline_4741 shared a tip "Definitely not as good as the original but this is enjoyable and fun"

Mira Shah's profile image

mira_shah_2193 shared a tip "Fun for kids!"

T Bernsee's profile image

t_bernsee shared a tip "It was a good family movie."

Owen Eckelkamp's profile image

owen_the_baguette shared a tip "Lebrun Jahames"

 Averee Lark Averee Lark's profile image

AvereeLynn shared a tip "Funny and new super cool how they just made the old version come to reality a bit more."

scient chen's profile image

scient_chen shared a tip "Micheals long arm scene"

miya_4497 shared a tip "How can h watch it"

Blanca Navarro's profile image

blanca_navarro shared a tip "@Diego"

anthony_copado shared a tip "Good"

finn_1508 shared a tip "Best movie ever so many cameos and easter eggs system over load 5 stars go watch it"

Stephen 's profile image

stephen_3198 shared a tip "Definitely better than I thought Don Cheadle carried this movie."

Dave Strong's profile image

dave_strong_9839 shared a tip "Very well thought out!"

Kristen Varona's profile image

kristen_varona shared a tip "Loved it! I grew up watching the original and thought they did a great job with this one. King Lebron 💪🏼"

Cdaretodazzle 's profile image

cdaretodazzle shared a tip "Kids love the cartoon part but adults who grew up with the orginal will love the humor and jokes. Actually really great movie."

Shaunita Garrett's profile image

shaunita_garrett shared a tip "It was cool... just when I was thinking it was too much animation, I got my live action."

Amanda Panda's profile image

amanda_panda_4829 shared a tip "I thought it was a pretty good movie and funny family oriented"

marcia_williams shared a tip "Better than first —loved it"

cesar_erba shared a tip "Fun!"

J-Jrip 's profile image

j-jrip shared a tip "#animation"

Anthony Centeno's profile image

boyhowddyy shared a tip "I had a good time because Don cheadle had a good time! It’s not very good, but I love when athletes star in movies."

lisa_sanfilippo shared a tip "Awesome special effects"

Rae Brown's profile image

rae_brown shared a tip "Funny cute"

Emily Danette's profile image

emily_danette shared a tip "Fun movie!"

Penni Whipple's profile image

penni_whipple shared a tip "What a strange movie. I both liked it and hated it. Guess it's the Space Jam curse fo be mediocre"

jessica_bahr shared a tip "Idk! I had a good time!"

Tssianna Byrd's profile image

tssianna_byrd shared a tip "Funny and nostalgic. I love the Rick and Morty camo!"

Oscar Delatorre's profile image

oscar_delatorre shared a tip "It's a meh movie and not as good as the original."

Monica Tillett's profile image

monica_tillett shared a tip "cause it is a good move to watch"

aj_brown_5641 shared a tip "While not a flawless movie, the pacing and comedy keep the movie fun!"

awesome_user_443537 shared a tip "It was good just not as good as the first one"

Dana Bennett's profile image

dana_bennett_331 shared a tip "Not as good as the first."

kelisey_deleski shared a tip "Was great movie to watch with your kids because there was jokes that only parents understood."

Gideon Hawke's profile image

seluvian shared a tip "Doesn't hold up to the original, but it's still fun."

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