Murder on the Orient Express poster


Genius Belgian detective Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of an American tycoon aboard the Orient Express train.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2017-11-03

Runtime 114 minutes

Budget $55m

Revenue $0.4b


TMDB 6.7


Shelby Berliner's profile image

Shelby.Berliner shared a tip "Brilliant movie. Go to Big Picture to enjoy with a theme-based cocktail."

Shelby Berliner's profile image

Shelby.Berliner shared a tip "Brilliant movie! Go to the Big Picture to enjoy with themed cocktails."

Ava 's profile image

ava_ferrets shared a tip "Great movie! Shocking endding!"

quinn_avrick shared a tip "This was a really fun mystery movie with some great & unexpected twists. Super wholesome, too- definitely family friendly."

Krista Hall's profile image

krista_hall_606 shared a tip "Yes, many times! You?"

Lisa Driedger's profile image

lisa_dridger shared a tip "This movie is nice to watch whenever you're bored or just want a new crime movie to watch"

Addy Nelson's profile image

addy_nelson_3263 shared a tip "I saw the “big twist” coming from miles away. But it was still good. I thought the casting and the acting was pretty good"

deborah_baker_5990 shared a tip "So much fun! Agatha Christie!"

claire rideout's profile image

claire_rideout shared a tip "Caught me totally by surprise and really enjoyed it, how about you?"

moops 33's profile image

moops_33 shared a tip "A CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE and written perfectly to fit my Agatha Christie expectations."

Jada Ryan's profile image

jada_ryan shared a tip "I thought it was great!"

Suaad Adnan's profile image

suaad_adnan shared a tip "I could watch this everyday !!"

Melissa Gan's profile image

melissa_gan shared a tip "David Suchet was and will always be Inpector Poirot. Kenneth Branagh is too dry and lackluster"

Amanda Piper's profile image

amanda_piper shared a tip "Wonderful, compelling, heart wrenching."

Melinda Rhinehart VanSandt's profile image

melinda_rhinehart_v shared a tip "It's pretty good! But I like Me. Depp in most if not all his movies😃"

laurie_george_9797 shared a tip "I watched Agatha Christie’s The Moving Finger last night on PBS. Christie thinks through every possibility. Loved it."

lily_lclaire shared a tip "Writing and acting was flawless"

mudpie 's profile image

bananabread. shared a tip "I think this was a very good and underrated movie"

lou_6280 shared a tip "It’s so fun to watch and the characters are really fun. And there is so.much.TWISTS."

goosesister909 's profile image

goosesister909 shared a tip "A gorgeously shot murder mystery that will take you on a wild ride and make you laugh at unexpected times"

Sam Wheat's profile image

sam_wheat shared a tip "This was a very entertaining mystery. I had to watch it again the next day, its a lot to take in. (In a good way)"

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n_s_8028 shared a tip "Good idea!! Its a great movie 👍"

Aurélie Lavallée's profile image

aurlie_lavalle shared a tip "mystery"

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