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The story of a precocious six year-old and her ragtag group of friends whose summer break is filled with childhood wonder, possibility and a sense of adventure while the adults around them struggle with hard times.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2017-10-06

Runtime 112 minutes

Budget $2m

Revenue $11m


TMDB 7.41


hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "Such a thought provoking and beautifully done piece, another work of art from A24🌈✨"

Marcus 's profile image

mco shared a tip "I left unresolved watching this movie and realized that some lives must stay in this area of somewhere unresolved."

Sur Graham's profile image

aaron_7939 shared a tip "Yep, I feel like I just visited Florida."

CGay Hon's profile image

cgay_hon shared a tip "Did not like this girl!"

stella_1557 shared a tip "It was very realistic."

chanel_woodard shared a tip "Definitely an underrated film. It's a Boyhood style film without 12 years of filming."

ella 's profile image

ellahurst shared a tip "i absolutely love this movie."

Sarah Elizabeth Cox's profile image

sarah_elizabeth_cox shared a tip "This is not a typical Hollywood movie, but it is worth the watch"

Abigail Yesso's profile image

abigail_yesso shared a tip "You will absolutely cry more than you ever have"

Lisa Gloddy's profile image

lisa_gloddy shared a tip "I LOVE this movie. It’s both hilarious and heartbreaking. It stayed with me after I finished it."

creeboy shared a tip "raw, confronting"

Kristina Martin's profile image

kristina_martin_4074 shared a tip "Captures that Florida vibe for sure. Good portrayal of this lifestyle, it’s sad but I liked the movie"

Kenzie Ballard's profile image

mackenziecarpenter shared a tip "so good"

Z? ??????????'s profile image

z__3523 shared a tip "i loved it so much"

Samantha Lizzio's profile image

samantha_lizzio shared a tip "This movie takes hold of your soul and doesn’t let go for a while."

Stephanie Vulpetti's profile image

stephanie_vulpetti shared a tip "Very good!! The kids in this were natural, sweet, endearing and it’s a story you don’t soon forget..."

Cassidy Hopkins's profile image

cassidy_hopkins_4748 shared a tip "The acting, storyline, everything! I can’t put my finger on why I loved this movie so much but it was incredible!"

Charlotte 's profile image

charlotte_hayes shared a tip "Love A24 films"

Melanie Moore's profile image

melanie_moore_9970 shared a tip "So sad, but unfortunately very accurate."

N M's profile image

n_m_3808 shared a tip "Was an unexpected good movie."

Jared Holder's profile image

jholder47 shared a tip "This movie melts my heart. I wish the ending with better. But damn was it good 😌"

Sarah 's profile image

sarah_1509 shared a tip "powerful film. Love A24 films."

Bill Gray's profile image

bill_gray_6545 shared a tip "A very good movie. I was unexpectedly surprised with this. Willem Dafoe is, as usual, a great side character too"

lacieli<3 's profile image

laciberry shared a tip "i loveeee this movie"

Tony 's profile image

tony_2208 shared a tip "Sleeper"

Natalia Mejia's profile image

natalia_mejia shared a tip "willem dafriend"

Shannen Castañeda's profile image

shannen_castaeda shared a tip "Filmed in 35mm and an iphone 6S genius!"

Adam Brehob's profile image

adam_brehob shared a tip "One of my favorite A24 films. This is very much worth the watch for anyone looking for a good slice-of-life flick."

carolyn_lambson shared a tip "such an amazing film"

mabhell shared a tip "I love this movie, such a good plot and amazing cinematography"

annabelle lee's profile image

annabelle_griffin shared a tip "one of my absolute favorites, i’ve watched it like 4 times and i cry at the end every time lol"

M P's profile image

m_p_8917 shared a tip "Super acting all around, especially but such young kids! Very emotional; worth the watch."

Jay tennant 's profile image

jay_tennant shared a tip "This movie was amazing 👏"

Michael Bienz's profile image

michael_bienz shared a tip "A powerful drama of a young, struggling mother and some adventurous children"

Jamie Gentile's profile image

jamie_gentile shared a tip "Great movie. Go into it with as little information as possible"

Kinsey Okelberry's profile image

kinsey_okelberry shared a tip "Amazing movie !"

Hailee Ellyson's profile image

hailee_ellyson shared a tip "i liekd the vibe :)"

karishma_patel shared a tip "Very moving"

brisa_robles shared a tip "It’s so random, but so pleasing"

star_lynn shared a tip "Tear jerker but it has an unfinished ending. Very chill movie"

Cloudy_stars 's profile image

cloudy_stars shared a tip "Love this"

alison_bronstein shared a tip "This was an incredibly intimate peak into a child’s life living in poverty in America."

Rozalynn Raby's profile image

rozalynn_raby shared a tip "If you want a movie that stings but heals at the same time … this is what you are looking for !"

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