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Marcus Oh



I <3 cats, movies, audiobooks, photography, billiards, science, the uncertainty, the certainty of entropy ...


This short story carries a deep and sorrowful message without the necessity of any dialogue. For anyone who has lost a loved one, this one will stir those emotions back to the surface. #animated #short_films

If Anything Happens I Love You imageIf Anything Happens I Love You image

If Anything Happens I Love You


I love a good murder mystery, and this one is easy to watch, if not a bit heavy-handed with the self loathing. There are some fast forward moments in every episode, but it casually keeps my interest. #crime #thriller #comedy #mystery #whodunit

The Flight Attendant imageThe Flight Attendant image

The Flight Attendant


Great psychological thriller sci-fi. #science_fiction #thriller

Sputnik imageSputnik image


Movies | Drama

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