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I <3 cats, movies, audiobooks, photography, billiards, science, the uncertainty, the certainty of entropy ...


My new Korean series binge. Great show about desperation, survival, and consequence.

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Squid Game

Shows | Drama

Beautiful movie about the suffocating weight of depravity and the lightness of human connection and compassion.

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Cry Macho


TBH I'm not actually sure this movie is good, but I weirdly enjoyed watching it. I put it on for background noise but ended up getting into it. I liked the inner monologue and mystery element. Not sure it'll be for everyone.

The Virtuoso imageThe Virtuoso image

The Virtuoso

Movies | Thriller

A good flick if you like spy thrillers based on books. Glad to see Netflix bring this into the rotation.

The November Man imageThe November Man image

The November Man

Movies | Crime

Moody, gory action thriller with lots of blood, bullets, and Boom Boom Lemon.

Kate imageKate image


Movies | Action

Easily digestible comedy about siblings dealing with own insecurities and shortcomings living in the shadow of their instantly famous (Bieberish) younger brother.

The Other Two imageThe Other Two image

The Other Two

Shows | Comedy

Enjoyed this movie, especially seeing a cast of Asian actors in lead roles coming out of Hollywood. The movie was entertaining for 90% of it then goes over the top like all Marvel films right at the end. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing the development of Shang-Chi as part of MCU overall! #aapi

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings imageShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings image

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Movies | Action

Went in thinking something David Lynch-esque, but it wasn't that at all. I usually like the off-mainstream this Rosa Salazar does, and this was no exception. I wish it ended better though...

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Brand New Cherry Flavor


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