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I ❤️ cats, movies, audiobooks, photography, billiards, science, the uncertainty... and the certainty of entropy


There's a heaviness watching the torrents of all of the relationships interweaving, like clingy, swollen molecules in the air getting ready to burst into falling rain -- friendships that unwind, a story that never starts, a love unrequited, things found in the tragedy of loss, the cruelty of time which never flows backward -- all humming along under the tension of a reach that cannot be met by their grasp. Really heartbreaking.

Your Lie in April imageYour Lie in April image

Your Lie in April

Shows | Animation

It lives up to the hype of its mediocrity. Good news is, you can pretty well fall asleep at any point (and will be challenged not to) in the movie, wake up and not miss a beat.

Morbius imageMorbius image


Movies | Action

I mean... okay, I didn't hate it, but it was fairly stupid. Original at least... kind of.

Infinite imageInfinite image


Movies | Drama

Okay, admittedly I don't hate it, but there is going to be no new personal depth from it.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law imageShe-Hulk: Attorney at Law image

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law


Great series, relatively obscure and definitely underrated. It moves a bit cautiously as all spy dramas seem to though the scifi underpinning makes it interesting.

Counterpart imageCounterpart image


Shows | Drama

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