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Not bad. The film casts 5 stars, which, in the early 2000's led to some pretty awful movies. But, with a linear plot centered around the same story and locations, Derailed ironically did not live up to Webster's definition. I'll give it 3+ stars.

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Movies | Drama

The premise reminded me of Eastbound & Down so I gave it a go. Of course, the two legendary leads made it an easy choice as well. It isn't anhwhere close to as ridiculous as Eastbound & Down was, but I enjoyed it. No comparison needed.

The Electric Horseman imageThe Electric Horseman image

The Electric Horseman

Movies | Drama

I mean.. it's about a guy that hands out candy. How scary could it be? Well put together remake from Jordan Peele.

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Movies | Horror

The key to a good thriller is a character you care about. Though there were a flew flawed moments, Denzel's son definitely commands the screen.

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Movies | Thriller

If you haven't been to a Hecklevision screening here, you're missing out.

CENTRAL CINEMA – Your Neighborhood Movie Joint imageCENTRAL CINEMA – Your Neighborhood Movie Joint image

CENTRAL CINEMA – Your Neighborhood Movie Joint

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Slow burn, which ties well together with the major theme of the film. Grab a glass and settle in. This is a hidden gem that fills the thriller meets coming of age, horror, supernatural love story void perfectly.

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Movies | Romance

Essential classic. 4.5

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Ms .45

Movies | Crime

Possibly one of the most underrated 90s films ever and the only movie I can recall that actually got 'the future' RIGHT. The story is as relevant today as it was then.

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Strange Days

Movies | Crime

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