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An in-depth look at the prison system in the United States and how it reveals the nation's history of racial inequality.

MPAA Rating -

Status Released

Release Date 2016-10-07

Runtime 100 minutes


TMDB 8.1


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katrice_masters shared a tip "Learned a lot about the corruption of the prisons and the big business of it"

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christiaan_brown shared a tip "Must see."

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tanzene_ali shared a tip "One of the greatest documentaries i have ever seen. I encourage every American to watch this at least once."

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katelynn_gulley shared a tip "This movie is informative and heartbreaking. Not for the faint of heart. Some parts are quite graphic"

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michael_tran shared a tip "Very good documentary. Our prison systems need large reform."

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kelseyb shared a tip "You have to watch this!"

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brigit_elizabeth shared a tip "Watch this now if you haven’t"

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b_doll shared a tip "Amaaaaazing"

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maddy_dekker shared a tip "Everyone definitely needs to watch this!"

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renata_mcdonald shared a tip "Sad reality"

sophie_bangeman shared a tip "So good!"

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shanice_porter shared a tip "Its an emotional rollecoaster, watch if you're ready to handle the truth of our justice system"

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nichole_braase shared a tip "The reality of unspoken segregation is unmasked."

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claudia_larsen shared a tip "Eye opening and wildly informational. I recommend this to everyone, it will change your perspective."

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crazystar180 shared a tip "Eye opening"

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kim_fields shared a tip "Powerful"

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helpmeouthere shared a tip "very educational, eye-opening, overall amazing"

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natalie_hartigan shared a tip "the truth about prison and the 13th amendment"

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aunt_layney_and_uncle_sid_d shared a tip "Everyone should watch this. It carries a painfully important message"

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antonio_quintero-cr shared a tip "A must watch for all Americans."

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jeff_teuton shared a tip "Eye opening. Disturbing, A must watch."

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chuck_munro shared a tip "Important, educational, well done."

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joanne_haberlin shared a tip "An alarming eye opener that everyone must see"

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zhane_rainey shared a tip "Definitely a recommended to watch"

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esther_r shared a tip "This should be required watching in American government classes."

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dale_penn shared a tip "Eye opening documentary"

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queen.londono shared a tip "Do not miss it! Recommend it to all of those who do not understand the implicit techniques of systemic racism in our society."

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erika_santoyo shared a tip "This was eye-opening!"

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michael_messay_ shared a tip "Very informative documentary"

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thee_izzy shared a tip "Eye opening. Definitely a must watch"

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clare_hingsbergen shared a tip "This is a must watch!"

darrell_james_4376 shared a tip "Tough to watch. We live in a screwed up world."

bob_ford_5883 shared a tip "Incredible documentary. Eye opening for a suburban dweller."

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hannah_walls shared a tip "Should be required watching for the entire world."

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bettina_jones shared a tip "Watch this for greater understanding and haves your heart broken open 💔"

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sammi_swick shared a tip "Watch with your family to help them understand what’s happening during these challenging times! #blacklivesmatter"

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erin_beall shared a tip "Must see"

heather_5159 shared a tip "Very enlightening, worth watching!"

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jocelyn_green shared a tip "A must see"

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roselyn_herrera shared a tip "Really good documentary! Is very important to watch this documentary because is a reality in the us"

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jl_englund shared a tip "Slavery is alive and well. Everyone needs to see this, then act."

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jacqueline_leonard shared a tip "Insight into institutionalized racism and what amounts to legal slavery in America. #documentary"

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georgia_beal shared a tip "Informative, and mind-blowing."

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rashae_boyd shared a tip "Life changing and challenging! I recommend to eveyone everywhere, ESPECIALLY if you're not black"

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ashley_gerber_1365 shared a tip "#blacklivesmatter"

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taylor_buenaga shared a tip "The most educational and enticing documentary out there! Really important watch."

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monet_esteves shared a tip "Very Informative"

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jacqueline_struck shared a tip "This film is important in order to understand the timeline of systemic racism in the U.S"

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raynah_morris shared a tip "The veil has been lifted and it is something to be aware of. There is still so much work to do as humanity and as Americans."

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p_b_355 shared a tip "Eye opening"

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haley_stalford shared a tip "Informative and eye-opening. A must watch to understand what's happening in the United States"

amanda__3895 shared a tip "Amazing"

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abi_s. shared a tip "A heartwrenching and illuminating documentary that helped shape my views on the justice system. An absolute must watch."

sara_fisher_3828 shared a tip "Necessary viewing."

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gianna_olivia shared a tip "Really good insight"

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lindsay_vanasdalan shared a tip "What we all need to know about our prison system. Great info."

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creatist shared a tip "If you don’t know much about the biased justice or prison system or law enforcement in America, WATCH THIS PLEASE"

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olivia_sather shared a tip "A must watch."

maureen_534 shared a tip "Truth"

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cynthia_marie_de_bock shared a tip "Watch this if you want to rid yourself of ignorance."

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samantha_alvarado shared a tip "Must watch for people from all walks of life. Learn how we got to where we are today."

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brandy_adams shared a tip "Loved it"

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kevin_bondurant shared a tip "Great documentary, very educational."

kaela_hammond shared a tip "Not an easy watch, but so worth watching!"

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kristina_tapper_1368 shared a tip "Highly recommend!"

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deleted_user_1608188500652 shared a tip "Incredibly informative and important to know especially now"

thomas_lewis_7229 shared a tip "Powerful, educational and eye opening. I’d recommend to anyone. The best documentary I’ve seen in a long time."