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After a whirlwind romance with a wealthy widower, a naïve bride moves to his family estate but can't escape the haunting shadow of his late wife.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2020-10-16

Runtime 123 minutes


TMDB 6.3


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "Interesting is all what I can say :)"

Sonia Burton's profile image

sonia_burton shared a tip "I read the book and also like the original black and white film of this movie"

Heather 's profile image

heather_stevens shared a tip "Loved this version!"

lesly_leon shared a tip "Watch this !!!"

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "Going on my list"

Marinda Boydstun's profile image

marinda_boydstun shared a tip "A suspenseful classic book and movie!"

Sunshine Mulligan's profile image

sunshine_mulligan shared a tip "Scenery and main players are gorgeous. A fun retelling of a classic story with a chill."

Cody Steele's profile image

cody_steele_9220 shared a tip "Hard not to prefer the original, but no reason you can’t enjoy this one, too."

Carly Bowman's profile image

ciaocarls shared a tip "I thought this movie was SO GOOD. The cinematography, the atmosphere, the flow of it…. A great thriller!"

Lily Condrey's profile image

lydia_deetz shared a tip "Amazing, beautiful, and worth your time"

Alexis Riley's profile image

alexis_riley shared a tip "This film surprised me, it didn’t go as I thought it was going to go and I loved that"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "It was an interesting story, long and slow, but very interesting."

Sarah Elizabeth Cox's profile image

sarah_elizabeth_cox shared a tip "Loved!"

erika_3353 shared a tip "Kept me guessing!"

Angie  Walczak's profile image

angie_walczak shared a tip "A good retelling of a classic story."

kate_6979 shared a tip "Decent psych thriller, nice hook too"

tyja_morris shared a tip "I watch this, it was a great love story but the ending was a bit of a let down!!!!"

Irina Beck's profile image

irina_beck shared a tip "Mysterious love story"

Campbell Welch's profile image

campbell_welch shared a tip "Speechless."

Heather Smith's profile image

heather_smith_9904 shared a tip "Kept me watching, nit the greatest but entertaining"

Maddyn Sanders's profile image

maddyn_sanders shared a tip "I loved the amount of suspense and mystery, the surprise twist ending was great too! Definitely worth watching!"

mugs_kitzmiller shared a tip "Recommended to me by my best friend, this movie was well written and was extremely similar to the book Jane Eyre."

Diane Veloso's profile image

diane_veloso shared a tip "Give it a few. Is a little slow in the beginning"

sara_ann_knight shared a tip "Classic"

Kenzie Christian's profile image

kenzie_christian shared a tip "It had everything a want in a movie: romance, suspence, and mystery!"

Sarah Herrick's profile image

sarah_herrick shared a tip "Wonderfully done adaptation of the book. Suspense at its finest"

brittany_rednower shared a tip "3/5. It is worth a watch"

Artemis Tsagaris's profile image

artemis_tsagaris shared a tip "Very true to the book, beautifully done"

Madison Long's profile image

madison_long_6600 shared a tip "Keeps you thinking! Very good movie. I would watch this again."

Danica Sarmiento's profile image

danica_sarmiento shared a tip "Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley."

Katherine Davis's profile image

katherine_davis_2351 shared a tip "It was crazy and I loved every minute of it!"

laken_darst shared a tip "Hated the book, enjoyed the movie."

Nicholle Parsons's profile image

nicholle_parsons shared a tip "LOVED IT"

Amy Popewiny's profile image

amy_popewiny shared a tip "It wasn't the best but not the worst. Not sure if this is one I'd watch more than once."

Beka Lynn's profile image

beka_lynn shared a tip "I had high hopes based on the trailer but was a little disappointed with it."

Jill Berry's profile image

jill_berry shared a tip "Love this movie great costumes"

Jessica Wysong's profile image

jessica_wysong shared a tip "A wonderful mystery set in the 40’s#drama"

Mad_Angel07 shared a tip "PleasantlY surprised. Beautiful costumes and set design and cinematography. I enjoyed the twists. I would recommend."

Jared Wilbur's profile image

jared_wilbur shared a tip "Creepy but that good creepy you just can’t look away from!!!"

Rolando Muller's profile image

rolando_muller shared a tip "It was suspenful!"

Daniella Maestre's profile image

daniella_maestre shared a tip "Loved the costumes and setting. Storyline very bad and hard to follow"

sonny_regelman shared a tip "A well-done new take on a classic novel. Fantastic costumes. Fans of the book will not be disappointed."

magen_beyer shared a tip "A little to romancey for me but otherswise good"

Shanna Pankey's profile image

shanna_pankey shared a tip "Almost exactly like the book, excellent movie."

Heidy Reyes Escobar's profile image

heidy_reyes_escobar shared a tip "Unexpexted ending. Love it"

Cynthia Teter's profile image

cynthia_teter shared a tip "The suspense and gothic mansion"

Julia Wilkinson's profile image

julia_wilkinson shared a tip "Amazing! You are hooked at every turn. Must watch!"

Kay Patterson's profile image

VampireHorrorMovie16 shared a tip "The twist and turns that it brought to this movie made it come alive"

Kristi Jayne's profile image

kristi_jayne shared a tip "ROMANCE WITH A HUGE TWIST"

katie_praetsch shared a tip "I loooooved the book and the movie was good"

Kent Wooly's profile image

arthouseKent shared a tip "SUCH A TWIST TO THE ENDING" shared a tip "If this is anywhere near as good as the book, it'll be amazing!"

Sherri Gallagher's profile image

sherri_gallagher shared a tip "Can’t wait to see this!"

Taylor Snodgrass's profile image

taylor_snodgrass shared a tip "#mystery"

Breeanna Yosmanovich's profile image

breeanna_yosmanovich shared a tip "Not as good as the original but still good"

Victoria Miller's profile image

victoria_miller_7070 shared a tip "So good! Moody and puzzling.."

Desirae Slaugh's profile image

desirae_slaugh shared a tip "Plot twist I didn't see coming!"

Conor McDonough's profile image

conor_mcdonough shared a tip "Never read the book but very much enjoyed this. Good uspense building and lovely period piece"

Hallie Lynn Kreul's profile image

hallie_lynn_kreul shared a tip "Mystery, twists"

jenica_salas-todora shared a tip "looks interesting"

Sydney Renee's profile image

sydney_renee shared a tip "its full of surprises"

Lifeboundlove 78's profile image

lifeboundlove_78 shared a tip "Has everything in it. Romance. Thriller. Suspense. Etc"

Adriana Chavira's profile image

adriana_chavira_5679 shared a tip "Unexpected twist."

nancy bezies's profile image

nancy_bezies shared a tip "Entertaining"

Brii Hernandez's profile image

brii_hernandez_7713 shared a tip "AMAZING PLOT TWIST"

Jennie-Kate 's profile image

jennie-kate shared a tip "i like murder mystery type stuff"

Brenda Chihi's profile image

brenda_chihi shared a tip "The storyline held my attention the whole movie, the scenary and time period,"

Christine Crows's profile image

christine_crows shared a tip "#Eerie"

Mardochee Maxi's profile image

mardochee_maxi shared a tip "It twisted unexpected end"

savannah_dekoninck shared a tip "I was so confused what was going on most of the time lol"

Stephanie Bunnell's profile image

stephanie_bunnell shared a tip "NOT what I expected when it started. But it grabbed me attention and sympathy for the main characters."

Marcela Allen's profile image

marcela_allen shared a tip "Plot twist"

Sabrina Simmons's profile image

sabrina_simmons_6100 shared a tip "Thrilling and captivating"

Troy West's profile image

troy_west shared a tip "Not as good as the original by far but good."

Sana Philip's profile image

sana_philip shared a tip "Great story"

Sandra Smilek-Edwards's profile image

sandra_smilek-edwar shared a tip "Amazing"

Katherine Harris-Lovoy's profile image

katherine_harris-lo shared a tip "Good and surprising"

Bekah Lee's profile image

bekah_lee shared a tip "You didn’t see the end coming#"

Gia-Ranita Pitt's profile image

gia-ranita_pitt shared a tip "It was different and intriguing."

Jessican'william Speer's profile image

jessicanwilliam_spe shared a tip "Beautiful. Edge of my seat. Really didnt see the ending coming."

Julie Annis's profile image

julie_annis shared a tip "It was a bit boring. Love the actors just not a fluid storyline"

Ariella W. 's profile image

ariella_w. shared a tip "I really liked it! It's very dark and suspenseful, so if you like that sorta thing you would like this:)"

Chrissy Nalley's profile image

chrissy_nalley shared a tip "This is suspenseful and romantic. Beautiful locations"

echo_landa shared a tip "It’s all in the ending and believe me descending is riveting riveting!!!!"

christina_danielle_ shared a tip "I liked the nods to older mystery-thrillers. Unexpected ending. Beautiful cinematography and unique direction/acting."

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