Two teenagers discover they are magically and intermittently swapping bodies. When a disaster threatens to upend their lives, they must journey to meet and save their worlds.

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Paige Bolos's profile image

paige_bolos shared a tip "Left me sobbing. I loved this movie. It wasn't what I expected in the best way possible."

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kelsie_r shared a tip "absolutely loved it!!"

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amber_critchlow_3053 shared a tip "GO WATCH THIS NOW!!!"

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sarah_stone_6926 shared a tip "Made me cry so hard!! One of the best Animes!! 😊"

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celeste_221 shared a tip "Love this movie! It’s actually one of the best love movies I’ve ever seen. Where are there more like this?"

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leah_carter shared a tip "Very beautiful. It made me cry."

Umbra Draconum 21's profile image

umbra_draconum_21 shared a tip "Watch it. Totally worth your time"

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lauren_cecilia shared a tip "It’s really sweet and it gets you hooked to the story. Totally recommend"

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emily_f._9074 shared a tip "Please go watch this, it’s even better than it looks, if that’s even possible!"

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angelica_grace shared a tip "i think i like the whole soulmate thing…"

Caroline Phillips's profile image

carolinepiper shared a tip "This movie messed me up in a good way…"

regan_underwood shared a tip "Such a beautiful story with an interesting plot"

Julia Senders's profile image

julia_senders shared a tip "Visually stunning suspenseful and moving anime"

Veronica Rivadeneira's profile image

veronica_rivadeneira shared a tip "where is the watch button??"

Catherine C's profile image

catherine_c_577 shared a tip "My favorite movie of all time!"

Alorah Babicz's profile image

alorah_babicz shared a tip "It was beautifully animated, the plot was great, overall was an amazing movie! #romance #anime"

Mars 's profile image

marslvr shared a tip "my all time favorite anime movie !!! it’s so good! i remember seeing it in the theater and it changed my life !!!"

Darlini 's profile image

darlini shared a tip "Nah it’s all about your last name 🥱"

Abbi 's profile image

abbi_mcdonnell shared a tip "This movie was so good. I went through all kinds of emotions. The romance was too good."

nay 's profile image

linayha shared a tip "it’s so good!!! makes me cry though so be warned lol!!!"

I’Monee Mitchell's profile image

bubblesandhoney shared a tip "It’s really great!"

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katiemae shared a tip "such an amazing movie!!"

Qk Qi's profile image

start shared a tip "Beautiful anime and plot"

Melissa Gengenbach's profile image

melissa_gengenbach shared a tip "I love this movie. My new favorite anime."

briannie_melendez shared a tip "it’s a masterpiece a slice of life fantasy with romance"

Jesus Abril's profile image

jesus_abril shared a tip "Its sad"

Emmanuel Kebede's profile image

emmanuel_kebede shared a tip "Made me feel some type of way. Would recommend."

Wakanda Frappuccinos's profile image

wakanda_frappuccinos shared a tip "#amazing #beatiful #animelove#family #music #"

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dressie18 shared a tip "Yes!! Loved this film and the animation is beautiful! 🙌"

Cynthia Dawn's profile image

cynthia_dawn_5602 shared a tip "The best romance anime movie I have ever seen."

Sam S's profile image

sam_s_6531 shared a tip "Partially comedy visually, and unique story plot :D"

Autumn 's profile image

autumn_794 shared a tip "Where can I watch this?"

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liz_whitney_976 shared a tip "So so good! Especially if you like anime :)"

Sydney 's profile image

sydney_anime shared a tip "a work of art"

Jonathan Jones's profile image

jonathan_jones_1852 shared a tip "gotta watch some one piece. I have a lot of catching up to do"

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ronald_ford shared a tip "Gorgeous animation and incredible characters in an intriguing and unique story."

Asian. Violinist's profile image

asian._violinist shared a tip "Watch this pls Issa beautiful"

Paige Mac's profile image

paige_mac shared a tip "SO GOOD. 10000% recommend"

ashley_gosman shared a tip "I noticed several plot holes, but it was a beautifully done movie. The art/animation is jaw dropping."

savanna Butler's profile image

savanna_butler shared a tip "Stunning visuals. Great voice acting."

Shinsetsuna Kokoro's profile image

shinsetsuna_kokoro shared a tip "How do we watch it? I just got the app and don't know how. Dobinjust click on the photo and it'll bring me to the movie?"

Lyn 's profile image

lyn_1497 shared a tip "This made me cry a lot. I ended uo watching it bc of a recomendation, thank you!"

Ali Heravi's profile image

ali_heravi shared a tip "F A N T A S T I C Amazing Scenes"

izabella_chauvel shared a tip "Beautiful"

Colton Reed's profile image

colton_reed_6385 shared a tip "This is a great movie, a anime romance I'd like to see more like it"

Cesar 's profile image

cesar_5748 shared a tip "When they realize that she's the girl from the train and that they had already met before"

Rebecca Lodespoto's profile image

Ilikemoviesalotapparently shared a tip "Outstanding movie! Absolutely one of my favorites"

Megan Freeberg's profile image

megan_freeberg shared a tip "My favorite movie to watch over and over again!"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "Really cute story"

Brandon Walker's profile image

brandon_walker_2636 shared a tip "Straight up tears 😢, but so worth it!"

Andres Rodrigues's profile image

andres_rodrigues shared a tip "Buena"

Kathryn Roth's profile image

kathryn_roth_5738 shared a tip "Easily one of tbe most beautiful and deep anime movies I've ever seen in my life!!"

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baby_groves shared a tip "Great story telling and makes you feel connected to the characters"

J u n e's profile image shared a tip "A cute story AND it made me tear up. Plus, VISUALS HELLO!! :O"

Damaris 's profile image

damaris-13 shared a tip "This may sound like an overhyped movie, but it is really great. This is always my to-go recommendation for anyone that asks."

Whimsical stories 's profile image

whimsical shared a tip "It was amazing and I loved the animation!"

Skyler 's profile image

catpackplus shared a tip "Genuinely made me sob"

Firebug 's profile image

jenna_lajewski shared a tip "I ha see this movie and I love it so good .😊"

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lily_uwu shared a tip "Sweet story about soulmates who were not meant to be (or were they?)"

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anime_gamer_9088 shared a tip "The part where mitsuha finally meets taki"

megan_decker_2386 shared a tip "Need a second movie!!!"

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tanya_konan shared a tip "BEAUTIFULLLLL ANIMATIONNNNN❤️❤️❤️ And I love the story, its very beautiful too🥺 Please watch it when you can"

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