Rear Window poster


A wheelchair-bound photographer spies on his neighbors from his apartment window and becomes convinced one of them has committed murder.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1954-08-01

Runtime 112 minutes

Budget $1m

Revenue $37m


TMDB 8.4


Hanmeblvck 's profile image

hanmeblvck shared a tip "You know i didnt get the whole point of the movie"

Anita Skop's profile image

anita_skop shared a tip "A classic Hitchcock with brilliant performances! Grace Kelly is the coolest blonde in history."

Red Reads's profile image

Yolken shared a tip "An amazing classic."

Nathan Auer's profile image

muddyfeat shared a tip "Grace Kelly is perfection."

Greg Martinez's profile image

Greg.Martinez shared a tip "Loves this movie. BTW, Cinerama is showing Vertigo in 70 mm on August 26th."

Nicole Graham - Morris's profile image

nicole_graham_-_mor shared a tip "Love my classics . I haven’t seen straight though yet."

su_shi_1980 shared a tip "another one of my all-time faves ♥️"

Build a Bear's profile image

build_a_bear shared a tip "This is the movie that made me a Hitchcock lover"

steve_peek_7566 shared a tip "I don’t think it’s anything too special."

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "Luv this movie!!"

jenn_cook_7642 shared a tip "My favorite Hitchcock film, Stewart and Kelly are perfection."

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "Great hitchcock film"

Charles H. Piatt's profile image

charles_h._piatt shared a tip "It's tough to say, but this is probably my favorite Hitchcock film. At least in the top 3 or 4."

Manny B's profile image

i_bry shared a tip "James Stewart is one of the greatest actors of all time, and you can't tell me otherwise."

Mike 's profile image

mikeyboi shared a tip "Welcome! It's suspenseful and one of my favorites!"

Bonnie Lord's profile image

bonnie_lord shared a tip "So much fun! A forever fav."

Lu Withee's profile image

lu_withee shared a tip "Love Hitchcock 💜Love Stewart 💜Love Kelly 💜"

Jane Jacobs's profile image

jane_jacobs shared a tip "One of the most brilliant and visually stunning movies in existence, particularly if you are interested in architecture"

Monica Hilderbrand's profile image

monica_hilderbrand shared a tip "This Hitchcock classic still echoes in modern mystery cinema. It is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys suspense."

Gwen hourihan's profile image

gwen_hourihan shared a tip "Classic and oh so good!"

nora_rackley shared a tip "Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense builds and builds until the climax. It’s an awesome film."

Ken L's profile image

ken_l shared a tip "Best of all the Hitchcock movies."

Philoni Ganatra's profile image

philoni_ shared a tip "I wouldn't say it's the best story ever, but the setting and cinematography is so good! Alfred Hitchcock just understands me 😂"

Steven Hendrickson's profile image

steven_hendrickson shared a tip "Great but I also watch it just because of GRACE KELLY 😍"

miriam_veazey shared a tip "One of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies!! Always keeps me on the edge of my seat!!"

ann_whisenhunt shared a tip "One of my favorites! Can't go wrong with Alfred Hitchcock."

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anna_lupton shared a tip "It's fun if you like mystery. I only saw the end part though."

Cindy 's profile image

MysteryLover shared a tip "One of my favorite movies"

Drew Jennings's profile image

drew_jennings shared a tip "Classic Hitchcock"

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ron_p_6714 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies!"

bruce_wall_3655 shared a tip "Another Hitchcock masterpiece!"

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LexLuthor42 shared a tip "I'm obsessed with Alfred Hitchcock"

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NeilPatrickHarris shared a tip "[Source:]"

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gwenstefani shared a tip "[Source:]"

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michael_schmelz shared a tip "Top Five"

janice_stauffer shared a tip "This was filmed on one set, yet it never gets boring. Hitch does a cameo in it too."

wayne_rossee shared a tip "Jimmy Stewart is superb"

Kayla Matusinec's profile image

kayla_matusinec shared a tip "Watched as apart of a movie theory class definitely intresting"

Alisha Veits's profile image

alisha_veits shared a tip "It's one of my favorites!"

Emily McCray's profile image

emily_mccray_4503 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies. Acting and directing is on point."

angela_silvester shared a tip "My favorite Hitchcock movie by far!"

Linda Eberly's profile image

linda_eberly shared a tip "One of the best movies ever!"

Leonard Moreno's profile image

leonard_moreno shared a tip "It's a classic. There is not much to say that has not already been said. Check it out."

eileen_mchenry shared a tip "Super suspenseful!"

davieserpa shared a tip "Perfect nuff said"

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aidan_l_8623 shared a tip "main character is a prīćk but it’s a good movie"

Bryan 's profile image

bryan_wakat shared a tip "Fabulously constructed film"

Ashley Twiggs's profile image

ashley_twiggs shared a tip "Just finished Antlers and looking for something new. How about you?"

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kay_plucker shared a tip "A classic for a reason. Strong recommendation."

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