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After nearly 50 years of hiding, Leatherface returns to terrorize a group of idealistic influencers who accidentally disrupt his carefully shielded world in a remote Texas town.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2022-02-18

Runtime 83 minutes

Budget $20m


TMDB 5.2


Abbey 's profile image

abs shared a tip "How do we feel about this reboot ? Have you seen the trailer yet post your thoughts below 👇🏻"

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emily_brannan_2845 shared a tip "Horrible remake of a good movie instead of watching this go choose any of the other ones they have"

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tvandmoviefanatic shared a tip "This movie was SO freaking fast paced! 😩"

Qu33rInF34r 's profile image

horrorgeek shared a tip "Loved it, I've gotta admit that I don't remember the rest of the TCM movies so I'm judging it on its own"

ashy slashy's profile image

scarecrane shared a tip "campy so i loved it, just not tcm"

Eden TheAngryWriter's profile image

eden_theangrywriter shared a tip "I love a sequel where the final girl finally gets to face off but I was slightly disappointed by the climax"

Eli Parks's profile image

eli_parks shared a tip "Movies bad but good kills"

My Own Worst Enemy's profile image

enemy shared a tip "Not great (how did the mask stay on??), but the gore is just awesome. I screamed a few times."

Samantha Nicole's profile image

samantha_nicole_7044 shared a tip "Horrible movie"

Charles 's profile image

Sleepea shared a tip "Super stoked!!#horror #leatherface"

Mary 's profile image

BBA shared a tip "2/19/22"

Krystal Renee's profile image

krystal_renee shared a tip "The modern-day spin was cool, older one is better"

Monica Hawkins's profile image

mlhawkins shared a tip "Amazing! Must watch if you love horror!"

Max Rosemary's profile image

XBl00DYB0YX shared a tip "It was more of a parody than a horror movie, and it wasn’t even funny 💀"

evi_iphone shared a tip "Hate horror"

Kevin Sprague's profile image

dizzle589 shared a tip "No as bad as everybody said it was. I enjoyed it"

chelsea 's profile image

bambbloom shared a tip "I liked it 🤷‍♀️"

Maggie H.'s profile image

maggie_h._590 shared a tip "bad"

Kaileah Ferguson's profile image

kaileah_ferguson shared a tip "A movie hasn’t made me this mad in a long time."

Ali Anderson's profile image

ali_anderson shared a tip "Concept of leather face and his story wonderfully crafted"

Violet Haddix's profile image

violet_haddix shared a tip "I loved it because of the story lol line it continues"

Haim 's profile image

randome shared a tip "Waste if time. This is more of a comedy than a horror movie."

Jessay shared a tip "This isn’t a “good” movie, but it’s hilarious."

Griffin Wiggins's profile image

griffin_wiggins shared a tip "Fun, but not good scary or disturbing"

B Meads's profile image

bmeads17 shared a tip "There’s nothing special about the film, that Dimension Extreme Films hasn’t already done for the past 15 years…. 3/10 👎🏾"

Justin Ancheta's profile image

justin_ancheta shared a tip "Not filled with your prototypical idiot slasher victims. Most tried to fight back or run"

Tracy Warren's profile image

tracy_warren_191 shared a tip "A bit cliché, but there were some gory scenes. Still something to watch and enjoy!"

Mandy Saulsbury's profile image

mandy_saulsbury shared a tip "It was suspenseful. Exceeded my expectations"

David Dearth's profile image

david_dearth shared a tip "Good death scenes"

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