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This is a great introduction into the "war on drugs" in America. This documentary tries to have as many pro drug war interviews as it has con drug war interviews. Great watch! 👍

American Drug War: The Last White Hope imageAmerican Drug War: The Last White Hope image

American Drug War: The Last White Hope

Movies | Documentary

This is a worthy sequel to one of the best "zombie" movies ever. If you like 28 Days than check out 28 Weeks, it is really freaky and tragic.

28 Weeks Later image28 Weeks Later image

28 Weeks Later

Movies | Horror

If you like Con Air at all you will really like Plane and I am now a big fan 👍

Plane imagePlane image


Movies | Action

This is a stunningly beautiful mediation on a couple of brothers trying to save a species of bird in modern New Delhi.

All That Breathes imageAll That Breathes image

All That Breathes

Movies | Documentary

Definitely the most consistently depressing of Taylor Sheridan's dramas. It is also the most interesting look at humanizing people behind bars I have ever seen.

Mayor of Kingstown imageMayor of Kingstown image

Mayor of Kingstown

Shows | Drama

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