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The thriller centers on Alicia Berenson, a famous painter married to an in-demand fashion photographer whose perfect life includes a grand house overlooking a park in one of London’s most desirable areas. One evening, her husband returns home late from a fashion shoot, and she shoots him five times

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Status In Production


ally_gray shared a tip "This book is absolutely amazing. The second I bought it I couldn’t put it down. Definitely recommend."

laura_navarro shared a tip "AMAZING BOOK! U wont want to put it down"

jennifer_miller_2629 shared a tip "The ending!!! Whoa..."

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deleonsi shared a tip "The story may be good, but it is so poorly written that I had to put it down."

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neya_ shared a tip "Kept me on my toes the entire time. Wonderful twist at the end of the book."

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erin_dubois shared a tip "This book got me back into reading. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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erin_dubois shared a tip "This book got me back into reading! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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elsa_lopez shared a tip "Awesome story and twist!"

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raygan_stone shared a tip "Awesome twist"

katrina_may_thomas shared a tip "Couldn’t put the book down!"

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m__e_hendricks shared a tip "Reminded me of Agatha Christie novels! So enjoyable & my mind was so surprised at the end!"

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amy_brandt_9404 shared a tip "So well written I couldn't put it down!"

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jordan_kristen shared a tip "I felt like maybe it was a little slower to start but the ending was super interesting"

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cydney_moreno shared a tip "Twist saved for the very end was worth it!"

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cindy_oh shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down"

cynthia_sanchez_2585 shared a tip "amazing, couldn't put it down and at the end you never saw it coming. Jaw dropping."

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brittany_mckinney shared a tip "I couldn't stop reading it. It kept my attention"

megan_sweeterman shared a tip "Suspense was great"

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kanganya shared a tip "A very good thriller that always kept me on my toes. I could never put this book down and was not disappointed."

emilie_caron_7743 shared a tip "Very captivating book! I couldn’t put this book down.. finished it in one sitting"

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lindsay_kamel shared a tip "I read this and am excited for the movie."

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micaela_pitts shared a tip "Thriller!"

shelby_walker_4433 shared a tip "The suspense is amazing! Totally twisted end, I loved this book! 10/10 recommend for anyone who loves thriller/suspense"

carolyn_knowlton shared a tip "Excellent whodunnit!"

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heather_l_4933 shared a tip "It is a great book if you live unexpected twists and turns!"

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matt_rathjen shared a tip "Engaging. Gripping from the first page until the last. Would make a great movie."

patrick_elworthy shared a tip "It was a good mystery started a little slow for me but by halfway didn't want to put it down. It was a rare satisfying ending👍"

grace_9959 shared a tip "I could not put this book down. Great thriller! This will definitely be a movie."

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angelica_ramirez_5506 shared a tip "Great book! I was reading this any chance i could! It also was a plot twist!"

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fay_etterp shared a tip "I can't express how much I enjoyed this one"

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rasha_yatmeen shared a tip "It felt dragged out for a while, but the plot twist made up for it. Great writing!"

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yvette_nicole shared a tip "Nice twist!"

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sarah_stitcher shared a tip "This book was absolutely a great read. The twist was unexpected. 10/10 IMO."

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alli_moulton shared a tip "Such a great book! Twists and turns and mental health, everything I look for in a book! 10/10 hard recommend"

amy_champagne shared a tip "Great storyline and unexpected plot twist!"

airball_ shared a tip "Nice easy read."

romina_7354 shared a tip "Such a good book! Loved the plot and it keeps you wanting more within every page."

trisha_pressner shared a tip "The twist was totally unexpected. I did not see it coming at all!"

embee shared a tip "This book was so good and kept me guessing!"

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renee_waldren shared a tip "Well written and very hard to put down."

lesley_russell shared a tip "Kept me captivated through the entire thing. Amazing (and unexpected!) twist!"

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chalk_ shared a tip "It's enthralling, and has an amazing, unexpected twist at the end. This is definitely one of my current favourite books."

jennifer_garcete shared a tip "Psychology & Crime related"

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samie_rochell shared a tip "It was so good and had so many twists! I was left guessing the whole way!"

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gwen_carpenter shared a tip "Easy read and engrossing"

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