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14 years after making a film about his journey across the USA, Borat risks life and limb when he returns to the United States with his young daughter, and reveals more about the culture, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the political elections.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2020-10-23

Runtime 96 minutes


TMDB 6.5


hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "Can’t beat the original, but this one came pretty darn close. Very nice! 👍"

christina_paz shared a tip "This movie was really boring"

Becca Sangwin's profile image

becca_sangwin shared a tip "So good!"

Crystal Weber's profile image

crystal_weber shared a tip "I watched it weeks ago and I'm still shaking my head."

John Tobar's profile image

john_tobar shared a tip "Funny and Brave commentary of society."

judi_a._hilman shared a tip "You will laugh so hard your face & sides will hurt. Dark humor for dark times."

ian_davis_4728 shared a tip "Funny"

Stephanie Simons's profile image

stephanie_simons shared a tip "Way to humiliate that asshat Giuliani. #bravo"

Emily Heisler's profile image

emily_heisler shared a tip "Made the mistake of bringing my daughter who was over 18, talk about awkward. Hilarious though."

brian_white_8489 shared a tip "A must have 2020 film."

Charleigh Getty's profile image

charleigh_getty shared a tip "Absolutely hilarious"

Eileen McCarthy's profile image

eileen_mccarthy shared a tip "Hilarious!"

Tyler Keenan's profile image

tyler_keenan shared a tip "Only fans of Sasha Baron Cohen’s comedy will enjoy this satire film"

Elena Lindstedt's profile image

elena_lindstedt shared a tip "Love/hate relationship with this one"

Emma Forster's profile image

emma_forster shared a tip "Absolutly wild, I have nothing left to say."

Jenny Edmond's profile image

jenny_edmond shared a tip "#comedy"

James Gibbs-G's profile image

james_gibbs-g shared a tip "HILARIOUS"

izabelle_brasil shared a tip "Funny"

Tom Mc Laughlin's profile image

tom_mc_laughlin shared a tip "If you dont like irreverent, inappropriate, and awkward humor, dont watch."

franklin_roman_martinez shared a tip "Didn’t think he could top the first one and he definitely did."

Dylan Gaines's profile image

dylpickles shared a tip "**** Trump!"

Aziz Hanifa's profile image

aziz_hanifa shared a tip "Hilarious"

Rachelle Christine's profile image

rachelle_christine shared a tip "Twas funny"

Steve Laguna's profile image

steve_laguna shared a tip "Funny just what yiu expect from borat"

Danielle Bostock's profile image

danielle_bostock shared a tip "Its pretty funny!"

Fire Acetone's profile image

fire_acetone shared a tip "was really funny"

Maria Rizek's profile image

maria_rizek shared a tip "Funny"

Eric Windsor's profile image

eric_windsor shared a tip "Hilarious follow up sequel to the orginal Borat film. Very nice!"

Tanisha Hammond's profile image

tanisha_hammond shared a tip "Sasha never let's me down."

kelsey_shiba shared a tip "Surprising and hilarious! A must see for anyone who needs a laugh right now."

Sonali Kumar's profile image

sonali_kumar_374 shared a tip "#interesting #thought_provoking"

Mike Carson's profile image

mike_carson_4144 shared a tip "Excellent"

Wyatt Isbell's profile image

wyatt_isbell shared a tip "Stupidly funny"

Korben Richardson's profile image

korben_richardson shared a tip "It was super funny"

magen_beyer shared a tip "Hilarious"

Steven Wildman's profile image

steven_wildman shared a tip "Super funny"

Raventt1001 's profile image

raventt1001 shared a tip "Great journalism and the best way to call ppl out"

cobblestone_jones shared a tip "More Liberal propaganda from a non-American. Targets Republicans and never equally distributes his slander. Hard Pass"

cobblestone_jones shared a tip "Liberal propaganda from a non-American. Always targets conservatives with his activism. Hard pass"

cobblestone_jones shared a tip "Liberal propaganda. Targets conservatives. He is a globalist mouthpiece."

Emma 's profile image

emma_7833 shared a tip "This was histerical loved it!"

Jacqueline Leonard's profile image

jacqueline_leonard shared a tip "Hysterical and done so well."

Hello Hello's profile image

hello_hello_107 shared a tip "It's just funny to me, especially the cameo with Justin Trudeau."

Drew Thelen's profile image

drew_thelen shared a tip ".....and a jar of gypsy tear, to protect from AIDS?"

histrionic 's profile image

histrionic shared a tip "its borat."

Carly Meredith Hedge's profile image

carly_meredith_hedge shared a tip "Insane, funny."

jon_fuller shared a tip "Crazy but fun"

Eyrn 's profile image

eyrn shared a tip "Pretty funny but no where near has hilarious and vulgar as the original."

Sheri Sauers's profile image

sheri_sauers shared a tip "Fantastically funny! Terrific script amd cast."

Sham Alam's profile image

sham_alam shared a tip "Cohen is a genius"

Daniel dankowski's profile image

daniel_dankowski shared a tip "Maks"

Taylor Munchrath's profile image

taylor_munchrath shared a tip "Absolutely absurd"

Amanda Webster's profile image

amanda_webster_5414 shared a tip "We needed to see this."

Jennifer Rose's profile image

jennifer_rose_7004 shared a tip "Funny beyond anything else!!!"

Shannon Doy's profile image

shannon_doy shared a tip "Absolutely hilarious @sashabaroncohen is a genius and so ******* funny 💜💜💜💜💜"

Mal Lafleche's profile image

mal_lafleche shared a tip "Hilarious, not for everyone"

Crystal W's profile image

crystal_w_5040 shared a tip "Hilarious"

sooz g's profile image

sooz_g shared a tip "Cover the rest of it up Pa~Leeze! Chuck!"

sooz g's profile image

sooz_g shared a tip "I meant CHUNK!---barf!---yeah, grosse!"

debra_zaluski shared a tip "Not the usual kind of movie I like but I really enjoyed this movie"

Wendy S's profile image

catpriestess shared a tip "Any Borat film, I love!!"

pedro_estrada shared a tip "Pretty funny movie, shows sad reality of America"

casen ripple's profile image

casen.ripple shared a tip "mature content but hallarious"

Connor Hood's profile image

connor_hood shared a tip "Hilarious sequel!"

Zach King's profile image

zach_king_2707 shared a tip "Kinda funny...not as good as the first movie."

Jacob Lydic's profile image

jacob_lydic shared a tip "It is a perfect Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. If you like Borat, this should do an excellent job satisfying your moviefilm desires."

Thomas Gilmer's profile image

thomas_gilmer shared a tip "Funny"

skylar 2010's profile image

skylar_2010 shared a tip "So funny but a little crazy👌😘"

Vanessa Devine's profile image

vanessa_devine shared a tip "Dumb but funny"

Nolan R.'s profile image

nolan_r. shared a tip "Good but, not better than the first."

Kailah West's profile image

kailah_west shared a tip "The whole movie was filled with real reactions from real people. Its was hilarious lol"

Heidi Pasquella's profile image

heidi_pasquella shared a tip "The movie was just as hilarious as the first one !"

Catherine Legault's profile image

catherine_legault shared a tip "Light entertainment. Put your brain off and enjoy"

Grace Bingham's profile image

grace_bingham shared a tip "Funny but definitely weird!"

Michael Riley's profile image

michael_riley_2973 shared a tip "I never knew what to expect. It was refreshingly entertaining."

Luis Sanchez's profile image

luis_sanchez_8912 shared a tip "Funny as hell"

Averi Dann's profile image

averi_dann shared a tip "It was funnier than the one and kept me rolling"

Midget Bagnusson's profile image

midget_bagnusson shared a tip "Super funny and good political/ societal commentary"

fayssal_saleh shared a tip "Not as good as the first, but good enough."

roseline •'s profile image

roseline_ shared a tip "it was very funny and unique"

Alexia Measures's profile image

alexia_measures shared a tip "Funny raunchy documentary with deep insights"

Keaton Thomas's profile image

keaton_thomas shared a tip "Very funny"

Jada Tether's profile image

jada_tether shared a tip "Probably the most comedy-fulled movie ever. 😂"

Marissa Dubuc's profile image

marissa_dubuc shared a tip "Awful in the ‘I can’t believe this wasnt scripted!’ Way. Very amusing"

mike Landis's profile image

mike_landis shared a tip "Best movie all year"

danah_4440 shared a tip "Very well done, smart comedy, hilarious and disturbing at some scenes 😅"

Steve Booth's profile image

steve_booth shared a tip "If you liked the fiirst you will love the second."

Randi Burkhalter's profile image

randi_burkhalter shared a tip "Funny"

David Makos's profile image

david_makos shared a tip "Perfect if you like sarcasm, awkwardness and dislike president trump and everyone around him"

Shannon McAleer's profile image

shannon_mcaleer shared a tip "A must watch. The first movie I enoyjed more... but this is still worth the watch!"

Madeline Carlson's profile image

madeline_carlson shared a tip "Witty and #halarious"

fg rutter's profile image

fg_rutter shared a tip "Funny"

Lyndsay Gomez's profile image

lyndsay_gomez shared a tip "Funny, super witty."

Denny Fanelli's profile image

denny_fanelli shared a tip "A little more script then the first Borat, but still some clever satire of American politics."

sophia_cosby shared a tip "Funny"

awesome_user_281287 shared a tip "Shocking, funny and disgusting"

Carrie Buren's profile image

carrie_buren shared a tip "Activist in action! Lots of the movie is raunchy, but I’m glass i got to watch it"

Andrew Edwards's profile image

andrew_edwards_2614 shared a tip "Captures the heart of America"

Stephenie Mievre's profile image

stephenie_mievre shared a tip "Amazing"

Moshe Martorell 's profile image

moshe_martorell shared a tip "Insane😂😂"

adrianna_khalil shared a tip "So funny, but not as great as the first 1!"

michael_lindsay shared a tip "I like the physical naughty comedy"

Baha Yucel's profile image

baha_yucel shared a tip "really funny and not afraid to take risks sacha baron cohen is a genius"

amanda_isaac shared a tip "Funny and had some good whit to it"

Mike Cripps's profile image

mike_cripps shared a tip "Brilliant"

Mike Cripps's profile image

mike_cripps shared a tip "Very well."

emilia_de_sousa shared a tip "So funny"

Devin Palmieri's profile image

devin_palmieri shared a tip "It was hilarious"

logan_2847 shared a tip "Loved"

Nathyn Gibson's profile image

nathyn_gibson shared a tip "A wild ride"

ann 's profile image

koiqnn shared a tip "how do you unlike this"

Jason Cougler's profile image

jason_cougler shared a tip "Awesome movie"

Camboy 750's profile image

camboy_750 shared a tip "funny"

Allison McNeil's profile image

allison_mcneil shared a tip "Horrendous #horrendous #horrible #terrible #worst"

Kristyn Campbell's profile image

kristyn_campbell shared a tip "Oh my gosh so many good ones. But I would have to say the part where he goes into the Republican National Convention"

jaelyn_4433 shared a tip "Funny"

Cecelia Samuel's profile image

cecelia_samuel shared a tip "It was A funny"

Alex Barone's profile image

alex_barone shared a tip "Funny"

Mr.Poopnite 's profile image

mr.poopnite shared a tip "This **** was funny and good gotta watch the first one before this one."

Nicole Fosle's profile image

nicole_fosle shared a tip "#hilarious"

Camila Xavier's profile image

camila_xavier shared a tip "Sharp societal critic and funny"

veronica_soto_6311 shared a tip "Funny"

joran_viken shared a tip "Just so stupidly funny"

drew_scroggs shared a tip "Cringe-worthy. If you liked the first one this is definitely for you."

Jacklyn McKee's profile image

PrudeGore shared a tip "'Tis a good, comedic movie."

Alysha 's profile image

gucchilife shared a tip "Cringy, uncomfortable, couldn't take my eyes away."

nameless one's profile image

nameless_one shared a tip "It was absolutely hilarious"

cheeze pizza's profile image

cheeze_pizza shared a tip "HILARIOUS‼"

Lisa Manwill's profile image

lisa_manwill shared a tip "He is a great actor and the female co-star was amazing"

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