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Ariana Grande takes the stage in London for her Sweetener World Tour and shares a behind-the-scenes look at her life in rehearsal and on the road.

MPAA Rating -

Status Released

Release Date 2020-12-21

Runtime 97 minutes


TMDB 8.2


christina_paz shared a tip "If you like music you’ll like this one"

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olivia_russo shared a tip "2929399292929292/10 she is amazing woah i miss her"

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lisa_ohazurike shared a tip "I love Ariana Grande so I of course am watching this."

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africa shared a tip "I love it cause it shows her concerts and has some amazing shots I LOVE it"

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katwoman141 shared a tip "Absolutely fantastic!! Loved it!!!"

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swanqueen shared a tip "Not a documentary, more so just clips of her concert."

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robert_louos shared a tip "good"

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carlos_maita shared a tip "good"

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celina_alejo shared a tip "Perfect date night movie"

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torisalz05 shared a tip "Amazing💗"

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urstrully85 shared a tip "It's like your own little concert"

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cobie_conger shared a tip "Its a fun movie to watch, even if you’re not an Ari fan. Already watched it twice!"

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jordynmalachi shared a tip "loved this sooo much! brought me back to the sweetner & thank u nect era :)) 💕#arianagrande #excusemeiloveyou"

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chantelle_johnson shared a tip "It was really cute! Love ari ❤️"

sarah_osail shared a tip "Love ari and have loved seeing her grow since Nickelodeon! She was good to Mac and she’s a BA! #Thankunext"

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diana_salido shared a tip "It shows u how it feels to be in a tour"

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all_about_grande93 shared a tip "ariana grande is enough for me. i love her so freaking much and the movie was husy a behind the scenes"

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bea_cole shared a tip "Take a step into ariana grandays life"

tonyy_west shared a tip "Im an ariana stan for life but when i seen this it was absolutely perfect🤍🤍"

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zear_asmile shared a tip "I love ariana and this brought me back to the concerts"

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shelby_3247 shared a tip "She does a great job with her music and shows. This just did not grab in."

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helena_velasquez shared a tip "I like ariana grande music #music"

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harmony_sigmund shared a tip "Love it so much and really recommend"

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lina_aviles shared a tip "I love everything"

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reemas_alkhubani shared a tip "i love @arianagrande"

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queendoctorpepper shared a tip "honestly am just a huge fan of ariana, but watching her perform and watching everything that goes into it was pretty cool."

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kira_crane shared a tip "I love Ariana and she is so beautiful. I loce her music."

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chyanne_wallace shared a tip "It is Perfection #documentary #concert_live_music"

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liliana_maisel shared a tip "I LOVE ARIANA GRANDE!!"

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erika_gustafson_5644 shared a tip "it was amazing, dance around the room sing at the top of your lungs good. already seen it twice haha"

awesome_user_646708 shared a tip "I loved it because its Ariana i watched it 3 times over and over again #arianagrande"

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meher_jammalamadaka shared a tip "It gives you a tour feel, and is just so amazing to watch!"

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erynne shared a tip "Ari’s such a queen. Her vocals are AMAZING. I loved it"

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alexis_dooling shared a tip "An amazing documentary of how the Sweetner Tour saved her life. Ariana is such an amazing woman and deserves everything!"

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benjamin_camacho_3938 shared a tip "It was so entertaining and fun to watch"

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hannah_manges shared a tip "I just love ariana. She is such a sweet, humble woman"

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khloe_mustafa shared a tip "Idk i just like it"

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kiaundra_john shared a tip "Its the perfect date night movie! Also, the best music documentary I’ve ever seen! #arianagrande"

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kelli_clark_5535 shared a tip "I really liked the Chris Brown documentary that was on Netflix."

madilynn_rios shared a tip "you really get to see how ari felt and you get to know her, it isnt like Other documentaries."

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lisa_fay_7895 shared a tip "Loved her entire show just like if i was there at her concert"

alana_rodriguez_473 shared a tip "it was just my type!!"

yunuque shared a tip "thats my baby"

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gianna_boccuzzi shared a tip "I love Ariana Grande"

isabella_mcallister shared a tip "I liked her music"

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marlene_ramirez_1259 shared a tip "Arianna Grande = QUEEN. 10/10"

matthias_bateman shared a tip "Best documentary ever! She is so talented!!"

gigi_9033 shared a tip "i think it explains a lot just for a tour and how hard it is to be a singer in general, plus i love the quality and ari herself"

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cadence_saner shared a tip "its amazing and so is she"

erica_camacho shared a tip "Reminded me of going to the concert!"

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arielle_smith_503 shared a tip "#Ariana Grande"

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lilly.bella12 shared a tip "I love Ariana grande"

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lily_pham_2237 shared a tip "If you like Ariana grande then this is for you."

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wyatt_sloan shared a tip "Watch it now"

michael_loizzo shared a tip "Watching this was like reliving a me of the most iconic concert tours ever 😍"

michael_loizzo shared a tip "Watching this was like reliving one of the most iconic concert tours ever 😍"

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abisola_abdulai shared a tip "Soo cute"

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jamison_winternitz shared a tip "Ariana grande!!!"

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lexaa shared a tip "pony tail queen i luv her sm"

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melanie_martinez_do shared a tip "I LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️@Likewise"

frances_davis_3774 shared a tip "I love her music! I was able to sing along with every song without getting bored. Also, seeing a peak into her life was exciting"

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jesus_martnez shared a tip "ARI IS QUEEN"

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mia_ford_8232 shared a tip "I loved the way it was filmed and how the visuals went perfectly with each song."

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jesse_hoggle_1586 shared a tip "It's just iconic."

lexi_1606 shared a tip "Love"

andi_thiessen shared a tip "Ariana Grande is my idol I’m an Ariana Grande collector"

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autumn_hutzel shared a tip "It is very interesting."

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allyssa_courtney shared a tip "I love it"

hailey_abel shared a tip "It was fun and told a good storyline."

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amy_pereira shared a tip "i love her vocals😭 literally the vocalist of our generation"

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abby_gay shared a tip "ari is my favorite person on this planet ugh such a queen"

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chanel_7449 shared a tip "It is a amazing movie to watch if you are a big fan of Ariana it is about the sweetener tour"

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alice_berengut shared a tip "@jayde_5691 the Justin Bieber one on YouTube and Britney Spears one on Hulu!"

olivia_macdonald_3200 shared a tip "ariana grande is my queen"

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glendys_suarez shared a tip "bc i’m an ariana grande fan n i love her"

emily_alarcon shared a tip "just ariana. all u need"

andre_mcdougald shared a tip "really nice to see behind the scenes footage 😻"

joanne_peng_6284 shared a tip "Great documentary! Well directed"

kalani_johnson_8080 shared a tip "The tour was ICONIC, i just wished that there was more behind the scenes moments"

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laura_duran_6184 shared a tip "Well first of all I love Arianna Grande"

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ophelia_rose shared a tip "I love her!"

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melissa_erlewine shared a tip "This movie was so good I cried through half of it though lol"

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konako_chan shared a tip "This made me understand who I want to be."

deliverance_blacksc shared a tip "Stan AG."

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