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Host David Ridgen and investigative journalist Amanda Robb dig into the 1998 murder of her uncle, a New York doctor killed for performing abortions. They uncover a network of anti-abortion movements linked to violence in North America and Europe. Twenty years later, debates about reproductive rights

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Release Date 7/14/22

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Esther Broussard's profile image

esther_broussard shared a tip "Great podcast! David does a great job telling a story that needs to be heard every season"

aubrey_5051 shared a tip "Love David Rigin. His narration & thoughtful dealings with the families are what sets this podcast apart."

Erin Rose's profile image

peanutty05 shared a tip "David is the best podcast journalist out there. The stories are so achingly painful, but beautifully told."

Mary Haley's profile image

mary_haley shared a tip "All of season 1 the whole 11 episodes are the same story. 👍"

lisa_reese_6803 shared a tip "One of the best podcasts out there."

Shelby Palazzolo's profile image

shelby_palazzolo shared a tip "I just listened from the beginning!"

tia_leoni shared a tip "Season one"

tia_leoni shared a tip "Season one"

Shauna Stasiuk's profile image

shauna_stasiuk shared a tip "Great investigative journalism."

Cori Patrick's profile image

cori_patrick shared a tip "I love the deep dive that goes into every season and the passion that goes into keeping a cold case alive."

Stephen Bezold's profile image

stephen_bezold shared a tip "I will have to check it out!"

cindi_monks shared a tip "Fascinating!"

martha_keys shared a tip "I’m a huge fan of David Ridgen’s work."

latonya_haywood shared a tip "Yes I love it!"

rose_doyle shared a tip "Such a great podcast. I love this guy’s approach with people who are struggling."

Jenn Kat's profile image

jenn_kat shared a tip "I had a really hard time getting through season 6. I found it to slow moving."

nicole_reeck shared a tip "I found season one to be interesting, but somewhat unsatisfying"

Kelsey Engdorf's profile image

kelsey_engdorf shared a tip "Ya, it’s pretty good. There’s 5 seasons so there’s 5 different cases."

cheryl_boughton_8435 shared a tip "I am a bit stuck at the moment. What would you suggest?"

Anurag Vaghule's profile image

anurag_vaghule shared a tip "Hard to say. I like bits and pieces from most of them. Although some are too complex to believe"

tina_5161 shared a tip "Sword & Scale"

Naomi 's profile image

naomi_14 shared a tip "I haven’t been able to find anything as good but I did discover - “The Black Tapes” and “Deeply Human”"

eileen_elliott_2203 shared a tip "Yes it’s excellent"

Mel Young's profile image

mel_young_5902 shared a tip "S-Town is good, too."

Laura Long's profile image

laura_long shared a tip "No podcast right now. Listening to an audio book while I'm at work."

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vickie1006 shared a tip "I'm currently listening to 20/20 and Missing on 9/11"

Katherine Whitlock's profile image

katherine_whitlock shared a tip "yes"

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