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Each week Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson guide you through the most interesting unsolved true crime stories. This is a true crime podcast that spares none of the details. We tell the stories of the victims, the facts surrounding the cases, and look at all possible suspects. We don't take ourselves to

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audrey_kelley_8808 shared a tip "You are very welcome"

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holley_rilko shared a tip "It’s ok."

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messiahH shared a tip "I’ve never listened it made me choose so I picked some I was interested in"

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owen_schulze_9901 shared a tip "Yes it is! It is one of my favorites and will always hold a place in my heart."

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malee_roll shared a tip "It's not bad"

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dakota_rounds shared a tip "I would say it is wroth a listen if you like Unsolved crime shows and books my favorite episode is episode 7"

mandy_singleton shared a tip "Murder with my Husband and Crime Junkies are my two favorite rn."

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michelle_gates shared a tip "Me too.i just decided to give it a try."

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janice_robertson_4645 shared a tip "It's good! Worth giving it a hear."

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julie_carr_9746 shared a tip "This is a good one, I never miss an episode!"

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jennkahnhayes shared a tip "Yes I really like!"

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tiffany_baker_129 shared a tip "The best Podcast for Unsolved True Crime stories. Mike and Gibby are great hosts."

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tony_beasley shared a tip "Not yet."

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chrisselle_foster shared a tip "Listen to it,its good##action true_crime"

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somer_walsh shared a tip "I really like it! If you're a fan of true crime, especially unsolved cases, I think you'll really enjoy it!"

Ronnie Brinkley's profile image

ronnie_brinkley shared a tip "I became obsessed with it a few months back! This one and their original one"

Savannah Sterling's profile image

savannah_sterling shared a tip "yes it amazing, and so entertaining!"

Robert Plummer's profile image

robert_plummer shared a tip "Trace Evidence is another great True Crime Pod!"

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danna_campbell shared a tip "Try (Morbid)"

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kari_sanborn shared a tip "Paul Bernardo and Marla homoka!!"

lori_reisinger shared a tip "Honestly just got started"

autumn_duddy shared a tip "I like how there’s not a TON of banter. But, if you’re looking for a great true crime podcast, and like banter, try Morbid!"

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joyce_wheatley shared a tip "Yes, it's pretty good"

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lori_levin shared a tip "I'm reading now, Ilona Andrews"

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carol_graham_79 shared a tip "It is hard to choose a favorite but Up and Vanished is high on the list."

emily_cuevas_7513 shared a tip "uhm i really like “unsolved murders: true crime stories” !"

tiffany_riggs shared a tip "Absolutely!"

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shawna_escala shared a tip "I never listened to this before I just found it recently enjoying it now"

jennifer_kovach shared a tip "Yes I think it’s a really good one!"

megan_peak shared a tip "Have you listened to morbid? I love that one. The hosts are so much fun!"

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liyah_and_friends shared a tip "It is! I really like it you should listen to it sometime."

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