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NPR's Up First is the news you need to start your day. The three biggest stories of the day, with reporting and analysis from NPR News — in 10 minutes. Available weekdays by 6 a.m. ET, with hosts Leila Fadel, Steve Inskeep, Rachel Martin and A Martinez. Also available on Saturdays by 8 a.m. ET, with

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Kris Perdew's profile image

krisperdew shared a tip "In depth, insightful coverage of current events."

Chavi Singer's profile image

chavi_singer shared a tip "Quick update so you know you're not missing anything important."

Aj Bautista's profile image

ajbautista shared a tip "Love the bite-size episodes. Relevant, informative, best way to kick off your day."

Joel Wasinger's profile image

joelmw shared a tip "Absolutely the best morning news roundup from the most reliable, rigorous and objective news team in the business."

Hanz Bär's profile image

hanz_br shared a tip "Great to play while getting ready to work"

Robyn Klott's profile image

robyn_klott shared a tip "Great way to know whats happening in the world in 20 minutes or less"

valeria 's profile image

v4l shared a tip "Great way to start the morning. Short and gives a broad overview."

Dani Mosier's profile image

dani_mosier shared a tip "A great way to get your news, first thing in the morning."

Jason Marquardt's profile image

jason_marquardt shared a tip "My go-to morning podcast!"

tori_m_1038 shared a tip "Hi! Sorry I just saw this! But I like it because it covers top news stories and it’s only about 10 or 15 mins long!"

denise_bates_4808 shared a tip "I love Rachel Maddie too. Recs for me??"

Crystal Santos's profile image

crystal_santos_4078 shared a tip "Every day"

erica_miller_6546 shared a tip "I enjoy it. It’s a quick listen on my way to work."

Carmen Edmunds's profile image

carmen_edmunds shared a tip "How I get my daily dose of news. About 75% of content is important and worthwhile, the rest I skip over."

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