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It’s a lighthearted nightmare in here, weirdos! Morbid is a true crime, creepy history and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. Join us for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor.

Artist Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

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Release Date 9/14/21

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jessica_7565 shared a tip "When I listen to them talk I just crack up so much. These ladies are hilarious! I really enjoy the stories they tell"

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xrynnx shared a tip "Ash & Alaina have been keeping me company during COVID🥰 They are humerus as well as sensitive to the crimes they discuss."

Victoria Cammarata's profile image

victoria_cammarata shared a tip "I really like it. I find them hilarious and the content is interesting."

cami_inga shared a tip "#"

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amber_loy shared a tip "I love morbid. I love hearing about true crime and these girls crack me up everytime."

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griffin_l shared a tip "I am still listening to this one because there is so many but I am also listening to swamp dwellers, it's really good"

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deleted_user_1622387648300 shared a tip "It’s a true crime podcast"

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kelsey_marquis shared a tip "This is my main listen ! Its funny and spooky all at the same time. I feel like I’m listening to my bestfriends"

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paige_352 shared a tip "Best true crime podcast on the planet"

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jakeoptimus_prime shared a tip "#keepitweird listener tales are my iiiishhh"

Jane Ashburn's profile image

jane_ashburn shared a tip "With good humor, kindness, and a splash of morbid nature, these hosts cover everything from serial killers to spooky rituals."

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erika_mulvey shared a tip "I just started getting into mystery/horror stories. I'll let you know if I find any others though!"

brianna_schoenthaler shared a tip "Loving it so far. Can't get enough!"

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jason_swarts shared a tip "I just started listening to this podcast. Not too bad."

ColeenAnn Kaczmarek's profile image

coleenann_kaczmarek shared a tip "Ash is absolutely amazing with her ending raps. The two are hilarious and lighthearted. By far one of my favorite podcasts."

Jodi Baron's profile image

jodi_baron shared a tip "I love the humor in this podcast"

Kristina Bedard's profile image

kristina_bedard shared a tip "I adore ash and alaina"

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briona_m shared a tip "I just finished their latest episode it is so good!"

daniel garcia's profile image

daniel_garcia_2606 shared a tip "It's really good"

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debra_leonard_3114 shared a tip "Great podcast light humor mixed with true crimecwonderful to listen to"

cara_green_1149 shared a tip "This is a fun one!"

Lisa Cravens 's profile image

lisa_cravens shared a tip "My absolute favorite true crime podcast! Alaina & Ash are a great team!"

Kate Willis's profile image

kate_willis_8333 shared a tip "My favorite podcast 🧡"

kristine_6234 shared a tip "Lululemon murder and torture of Shanda Scherer so far"

Steph Hagerty's profile image

sahagerty0512 shared a tip "If you're into true crime ones check out Crime Junkie and My Favorite Murder"

darlene_niesen shared a tip "Yes! And That's Why We Drink, My Favorite Murder, Sinisterhood"

Kelsey Lewis's profile image

kelsey_lewis_4744 shared a tip "Their dynamic is everything!"

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brianna_gonzalez_9269 shared a tip "The banter is the most amazing thing and they just describe it Perfectly"

gabriela_rosario_6710 shared a tip "Yes!! They’re amazing."

april_davulcu shared a tip "The hosts are so genuine and kind and respectful. And their banter is completely endearing and charming."

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jessica_standing shared a tip "Funny, without being disrespectful"

cassidy_shiplett shared a tip "Without a doubt! One of my favorites for sure!"

August 's profile image

auggiebee shared a tip "This was my first true crime podcast and I still listen to them today! I love Ash and Alaina!"

nalu_5069 shared a tip "There's also "today in true crime" if you're interested. They post everyday and talk about what occurred that day!"

samantha_r_4747 shared a tip "Truly addicting. Love it!"

Val Paradis's profile image

val_paradis shared a tip "I really enjoy listening to the listener tales those are great but I can’t choose a favorite from them. I love it all"

Mark Stewart's profile image

mark_stewart_6310 shared a tip "I liked recently, the west memphis three episodes and the Myra Hindley, Ian Brady episodes"

Shaunte Vincent's profile image

shaunte_vincent shared a tip "The best podcast hands down!"

Nicole V. Morin's profile image

nicole_v._morin shared a tip "Honestly my favorite podcast!"

Peter Pizzati's profile image

peter_pizzati shared a tip "Didn't think I would make it past the first few minutes of giggling and joking. I did, I'm HOOKED!!❤️"

Emily Cole's profile image

emily_cole_294 shared a tip "I love this podcast!!!!!!"

Leslea Barker's profile image

leslea_barker shared a tip "Crime Junkie is my #2 go to! They come out with new episodes every monday!"

Emiley Vincelli's profile image

emileyvincelli shared a tip "Good research, great personalities, funny."

Sydney 's profile image

sydney_8157 shared a tip "That's a tough one, but I'd say episode 110. What happened to Alissa Turney? Veeeeeeeeery interesting and unusual case."

Ashley Barrett's profile image

ashley_barrett_7663 shared a tip "Best true crime podcast with just enough comedy to make it palatable ☠️♥️"

Angela Wieneke's profile image

angela_wieneke shared a tip "Crime Junkies"

Michelle gon's profile image

michelle_gon shared a tip "I like it to be honest"

emily_1892 shared a tip "Very respectful of the victims while also making fun of the perp. Very funny and very entertaining!!"

Eunice Parsons's profile image

eunicepars shared a tip "Super detailed and funny side jokes."

joni_bowles shared a tip "Best true crime podcast out there!!!!"

keg56 shared a tip "My favorite podcast. These girls are hilarious! 😂"

awesome_user_337155 shared a tip "I love true crime and this podcast has about everything!I love the hosts and they are funny but do take this seriously."

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nikki_deitz shared a tip "Just finished BTK! You?"

Alexandra Miller's profile image

alelimill shared a tip "Amazing true crime stories!"

Kendall Elizabeth's profile image

kendall_elizabeth shared a tip "So good I support them on Patreon"

megan_earl shared a tip "LOVE IT!!"

Karlton Sims's profile image

karlton_sims shared a tip "Really love the hosts and the way they make you feel like you're with them."

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