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Emma prefers to share her thoughts with a microphone rather than a physical human being, so thank god she has a podcast. Recorded from the comfort of her bed, Emma talks at length about whatever is on her mind every week. Anything really does go on this podcast. Sometimes philosophy, sometimes a ran

Artist Emma Chamberlain and Ramble

Track Count 151


Price $

Release Date 1/26/23

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


Hayden Talley's profile image

hayden_talley shared a tip "love Emma so much and her outlook on things, will always be my favorite/ comfort podcast for sure"

Hope 's profile image

hopeuyemura shared a tip "She gives amazing advice!!"

JM 's profile image

jane_morgan123 shared a tip "Emma is a queen. Her thoughts and perspectives are so interesting"

Montse 's profile image

montse_bc shared a tip "I love her sm"

Kayla Levin's profile image

kayla_levin shared a tip "Omg this comes out on April 11th and I’m soooooo excited!!"

Emily Michelle's profile image

emmichelle shared a tip "she is so real i love it"

Abigail 's profile image

abigail_1669 shared a tip "one of my FAVORITE podcasts 🥰"

Ella Eckerley's profile image

ella_eckerley shared a tip "Emma chamberlain is such a sweet soul. Im so in-love with her and the podcast! Its a nice place to go after a long day :)"

aly lou's profile image

aly_lou shared a tip "this saved me"

Aryielle Brown's profile image

aryielle_brown shared a tip "This podcast is so real and it helps you bring out the words you want to say but can’t go check out Emma chamberlines podcast🫶🏾"

eileen_8923 shared a tip "It is really relatable for a younger generation and I think she brings interesting points to daily life things"

Aminah Ahmed's profile image

aminahahmed30 shared a tip "Amazing"

allison_124 shared a tip "genuinely one of the most comforting things."

angelicaa_montileaux shared a tip "love it"

Erin Williams's profile image

erin_williams_8846 shared a tip "Feels like I’m hanging out with a friend"

Alaina <3's profile image

alaina_kojonen shared a tip "Basically the only podcast I listen to and wait every Thursday for her rambles that I love"

yajaira_mendoza shared a tip "I enjoy it when you listen to it just make you think about it but also laugh about it"

jessie b's profile image

jessie_b_3107 shared a tip "so ******* relatable"

♏️ 's profile image

mreadss shared a tip "emma chamberlain… that’s all i need to say!! absolutely amazing role model for young women navigating life."

nia 's profile image

nia_6898 shared a tip "the only person i can listen too for hours without being bored <3"

willow_brown_8430 shared a tip "listen to every post as it comes out. so good love emma and she’s amazing."

Lotus 's profile image

lotus1997 shared a tip "#lonely #emmachamberlain #anythinggoes it's so therapeutic"

Jules 's profile image

jules_4875 shared a tip "She’s so relatable!"

Haley Christensen's profile image

haley_christensen shared a tip "Very relatable and inspiring. The artist, Emma chamberlain, makes me feel very comfortable with myself."

wallpaper.decor.profile 's profile image

wallpaper.decor.profile shared a tip "Listen befor bed play it on spotify turn on the option of the moon and turn off when episode ends this is the BESTTTTT"

Lexi Swere's profile image

lexi_2522 shared a tip "I LOVE EMMA SO MUCH I ASPIRE TO BE LIKE HER"

Kirra Moran's profile image

kirra_moran shared a tip "queen"

carly hawthorne's profile image

carly_hawthorne shared a tip "most relaxing podcast ever i love emma"

Alina 's profile image

alina.05 shared a tip "I literally listen to Emma everyday"

fia_blum shared a tip "the best ever!!"

Vania Rodriguez's profile image

vania_rodriguez_8590 shared a tip "Listening to her after a long day makes up for everything bad that happen before"

chloe⚡️ 's profile image

chloeripper shared a tip "i love it!"

Jasmine Tate's profile image

jasmine_tate shared a tip "Definitely worth the listen. It's like gaining a best friend and she's super funny 😄."

Jasmine Tate's profile image

jasmine_tate shared a tip "Definitely! It's like gaining a best friend!"

kylah <3's profile image

inlovewithkylah shared a tip "definetly. emma makes this podcast hilarious while giving great advice"

trinoelle 's profile image

trinoelle shared a tip "its just great… check out with you from eve if you like this"

shea_miles shared a tip "I love emma she is my queen"

zo 's profile image

zo_3454 shared a tip "This one is a really good one!! I mostly listen to comedy podcasts but this one is good for when I need a break of that!!"

Maya Love's profile image

maya_love_3503 shared a tip "yes definitely!"

Katherine Reed's profile image

katherine_reed_19 shared a tip "I listened to the 1st 6eps in one day Emma rly is a genius such a good podcast"

charlotte_kinslow shared a tip "This is so funny and entertaining!"

rachel_martin_2208 shared a tip "literally free therapy"

Madeleine Ustruck's profile image

madeleine_ustruck shared a tip "Emma is so real in it, and you get to see her open up more than you do in her Youtube Videos."

madi_mitchell_3386 shared a tip "Yeah it’s pretty good, I usually listen while I’m doing something kinda boring and it’s just an easy going pod to listen to!"

Kinley Prather's profile image

kinley_prather shared a tip "Emma is very relatable and will look at situations from every angle and I feel like that’s very helpful"

brooks keehley's profile image

brooks_keehley shared a tip "feels like i’m having a genuine conversation with emma"

L. 's profile image

MoviesAndBooks shared a tip "Definetly worth it! It is absolutely amazing and easy to relate to."

Anna Fetterolf's profile image

anna_fetterolf shared a tip "She gives great advice"

moon.xstar_ 's profile image

moon.xstar_ shared a tip "Her podcast is basically free therapy. She’s helped me out of so many tough times"

Talia Borohov's profile image

talia_borohov shared a tip "I love anything murder mystery ❤️ bailey sarian is the best!"

ari 🌱's profile image

aripescatore shared a tip "personally i 100% suggest it! its super relatable, comforting, and it helps mentally and change ur view on life overall <3"

morgan_lovell shared a tip "Yes. She's very open and honest about her struggles. I find her very relatable."

Layla Jane Jones's profile image

layla_jane_jones shared a tip "This Podcast is my therapy HIGHLY recommend!!!"

clare_goodrich shared a tip "omg yes"

penelope_isberner shared a tip "This podcast has been changing my views about how I approach my daily life. Highly recommend."

awesome_user_401968 's profile image

sita_gupta shared a tip "Feels like I’m on FaceTime with her"

Ciarra O's profile image

ciarra_o shared a tip "For any teenagers out there that need Advice; this is the podcast for you. It's real, honest, and authentic"

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