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The Try Guys have swam with sharks, survived in the wild, shocked themselves with birthing simulators, and risked their lives for their videos. In this weekly podcast they dissect their experiences as internet creators and best friends who have made a living failing upwards.

Artist The Try Guys & Ramble

Track Count 184


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Release Date 9/8/22

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


madelyn_jones_9139 shared a tip "I love these guys and their humor and thoughtfulness"

Rebecca Raab's profile image

rebecca_raab shared a tip "Episodes 15, 29, and 35 and pretty great"

Megan Drew's profile image

megapuff97 shared a tip "This show is just so funny! Love listening to the guys interact and be themselves!"

Laura Blanchard's profile image

laura_blanchard shared a tip "Love these guys 💘 consistently funny."

em pi's profile image

em_pi shared a tip "I haven't. I'll have to listen to it on my next commute"

Dorian Adams-Wilson's profile image

dorian_adams-wilson shared a tip "Any really. I like the eating ones"

Mari Sailer's profile image

mari_sailer shared a tip "These guys are frickin hilarious."

talon_price shared a tip "Funny Hot men"

Charity Miller's profile image

charity_miller shared a tip "I've only heard one episode but I like their YouTube channel as well."

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kayla_king_2598 shared a tip "Everything you didnt know you needed"

savannah_7830 shared a tip "hilarious"

Brooke Avery's profile image

brooke_avery_4455 shared a tip "Honestly I never thought it would be but it's actually enjoyable to listen to"

Krista Skwarok's profile image

krista_skwarok shared a tip "I just started! So im also trying to find similar ones! :)"

B. Austyn C.'s profile image

b._austyn_c. shared a tip "I just started it and I think it's worth listening to"

Kate Kennedy's profile image

kate_kennedy_3945 shared a tip "Yes these guys are always funny"

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jenny_mather_2597 shared a tip "@chelseawrightreads I don’t listen to podcasts too often but I do like theirs when I listen to one!"

tinsley ellis's profile image

tinsley_ellis shared a tip "Nope not at all"

Joana Palomera's profile image

joana_palomera shared a tip "It’s not bad but I think I prefer ear biscuits :)"

;-; 0-0's profile image

-_0-0 shared a tip "It was funny and gave me a good laugh as I did homework ^^"

Becca 's profile image

becca_816 shared a tip "Very much! It’s like having company with you. I listen to it every time I drive to work and it’s really fun to listen."

gleekyandiknowit14 's profile image

gleekyandiknowit14 shared a tip "Yes! Especially if you’re a fan of their YouTube page"

jmill197 shared a tip "I’m a fan of their sister podcast You can sit with us!"

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ashley_edwards_8381 shared a tip "A favorite episode, no, they’re all pretty entertaining! And if its choosing between podcasts I can’t choose just one!"

reese_urban shared a tip "Yes, it’s super funny and I’m always laughing when I listen to it"

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hannahhhhh shared a tip "Love every episode!"

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