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Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "I do not like this guy."

nick karlsons's profile image

nick_karlsons shared a tip "Excellent"

cyber_auron shared a tip "One of the few podcast I would break my 60 mins or less rule for"

Michelle Ward's profile image

michelleward shared a tip "Very interesting guests with controversial topics. Episodes are usually an hour long making it great for road trips."

Gina Leone's profile image

gina_leone shared a tip "Under each person he lists what they do- who they are- look for Dr's or people who aren't comedians or MMA fighters."

wendy_taylor_2581 shared a tip "The mental wealth podcast and liberty dispatch were 2 suggested to me"

Melissa Lea's profile image

Melzylea shared a tip "Honestly, don't like him."

Doug Nelson's profile image

doug_nelson shared a tip "Very intelligent guy."

Graham 's profile image

mrfirpo shared a tip "Full disclosure—I actually cannot stand this podcast"

Tiia Ollinaho's profile image

tiia_ollinaho shared a tip "@ellaanderson I just started Wine & Crime lastnight! I'm only an episode in, but so far I like it! What about you?"

ryan_hyde_2844 shared a tip "Idiotic"

ken_griffey_1016 shared a tip "It’s goos"

Gregory Burcham's profile image

thedukeofnada shared a tip "Be prepared as these discussion will last 2 to 3 hours usually. I'm not a big fan of Joe's comedy but his podcast is amazing."

Maureen Martell's profile image

maureenmfm shared a tip "Episode 1315 was pretty interesting."

Joseph B's profile image

joseph_b_9569 shared a tip "The best podcast I’ve ever listened to. Been listening for years and fall asleep to it every night 🌞"

Jenna Martinez's profile image

jenna_martinez_3349 shared a tip "Same! I hear his is really good."

dennis_modaffari shared a tip "No Howard rooooooooo"

David Jones's profile image

david_jones_7855 shared a tip "Each is similar. Because he speaks on topical subjects, I would recommend starting with the latest episode."

Zach Blount's profile image

zach_blount shared a tip "No matter what you're interested in Joe Rogan has a guest to fit that interest! Love his show with a passion!"

Cass 's profile image

cas_cee shared a tip "*his"

kim_melita shared a tip "Loved his interview with Jewel…fascinating life story💜"

rich_cheek shared a tip "Free Speech and Joe Rogan rules"

April Crivello's profile image

april_crivello shared a tip "I liked it. The episode with Leah Rimini was really interesting."

Michael McDaniel's profile image

michael_mcdaniel shared a tip "Infotainment"

Jeff Roster's profile image

jeff_roster shared a tip "Lots of wide ranging guests. There’s no time limit so know that going in."

Regina Reopelle's profile image

regina_reopelle shared a tip "The one with Tom Delonge was equal parts interesting and sad"

Walter Villacreses's profile image

walter_villacreses shared a tip "Lots of interesting guests. Don't always agree with them, but thought provoking."

lance_3319 shared a tip "Artie Lange."

Bo Gomes's profile image

bo_gomes shared a tip "There are too many good ones to name. One great one was episode 1233 with Brian Cox."

Izzy Seng's profile image

izzy_seng shared a tip "Sorry don't got one"

Michael Wilson's profile image

michael_wilson_4893 shared a tip "I enjoy Joe Rogan... he's funny and Im a fan of his UFC work"

Scott Bush's profile image

scott_bush shared a tip "Joe has a variety of guests and he's a great interviewer. You just have to pick and choose the topics that interest you."

Dawn Howdershell's profile image

dawn_howdershell shared a tip "I tend to want to focus on it.. lol I love Joe"

john_3047 shared a tip "I listen on and off. I prefer audible books instead."

Jason Paulino's profile image

jason_paulino shared a tip "Must watch even if you aren’t into podcast"

Jess Showers's profile image

jess_showers shared a tip "Why was this suggested to me :("

James Vickery's profile image

james_vickery shared a tip "He has the best guests and he doesn’t conform to anyone"

Jessie Murray's profile image

jessie_murray_6538 shared a tip "Just been a Joe Rogan OG fan. I persobally coukd care leas a out the UFC talks but love his attitude #joerogan"

Murdo the Moribund Murdoch Fighting Finitude's profile image

murdo_the_moribund_ shared a tip "Experience Joe Rogan."

joeylea_lochhead shared a tip "Interesting topics and Joe welcomes people of all opinions and backgrounds on his show."

stephanie_hibbert shared a tip "I only like it sometimes"

Heidi Sutton's profile image

heidi_sutton shared a tip "Ive always enjoyed the musings of Joe Rogan and a lot of his guests are also comedians enjoy."

Dazey Dementia's profile image

dazey_dementia shared a tip "I forget this is technically a podcast😂"

Do not Look at channel description 's profile image

do_not_look_at_chan shared a tip "I love Literature and History and Relic Radio Science Fiction"

Nicola King's profile image

nicola_king_1855 shared a tip "Currently listening to “You’re wrong about…”"

Larry 's profile image

scm_magilla shared a tip "I think so! His guest run the gambit! Some are long 3+ hours !"

Amber 's profile image

amber_6399 shared a tip "I like the ones where he interviews Doctors. I skip if it is athletes."

Michael Reynolds's profile image

michael_reynolds_4717 shared a tip "IF you are looking to explore multiple topics, this is the place for you."

James Shield's profile image

james_shield shared a tip "Hit and miss. Sometimes super interesting. Sometimes they talk about fighting for 4 hours."

Ray Pratt's profile image

ray_pratt shared a tip "I'm not sure I have one. He has hundreds. Straight talking guy."

Angela Plank's profile image

angela_plank shared a tip "Gosh, I dont know. How about yourself?"

Christopher MacDonald's profile image

christopher_macdonald shared a tip "Oh Joe Rogan?"

Brian Case's profile image

brian_case shared a tip "I like many of his discussions probably most like the 2 times Jordan Peterson has been on and Bret Weinstein too"

rj_albrecht shared a tip "Wide variety of guests/topics"

carolyn_steadman shared a tip "High jackman"

Mustapha Garba's profile image

mustapha_garba shared a tip "Good"

M Peacock's profile image

m_peacock shared a tip "Funny, say anything type discussions. Always excited when he has a great guest."

Samantha McKeag's profile image

samantha_mckeag shared a tip "Genius man"

Chanel Meanor's profile image

chanel_meanor shared a tip "Not yet but I will"

Juan Marquez's profile image

juan_marquez_5001 shared a tip "He has the best guests"

Jen Ramey's profile image

jen_ramey shared a tip "I really liked the episode where he sat down with Bernie Sanders."

KK Pseusseau's profile image

kk_pseusseau shared a tip "Brilliant conversationalist"

Sarah Beaglehole's profile image

sarah_beaglehole shared a tip "Bill Burr is really funny"

Joshua Rowell's profile image

joshua_rowell shared a tip "I love the JRE!"

Atilay Yilmaz's profile image

atilay_yilmaz shared a tip "Brody Stevens, Brian Muraresku, Moxie Marlinspike"

erika_7094 shared a tip "For sure! Great conversations that make ya think"

becuz isedso's profile image

becuz_isedso shared a tip "Currently listening to crime junkie. Love it. Awesome to listen while doing chores"

Tamara McKeen's profile image

tamara_mckeen shared a tip "I actually don’t and I’m looking for a new one! Do you have one?"

Stephanie Rivas's profile image

stephanie_rivas_6648 shared a tip "Its been a while I've listened to his podcast, he's great! Have you listened to wife of the party? It's a great one too."

zachary_l_volpe shared a tip "Curiosity, integrity, intellect, passion, psychedelics, aliens, technology"

Jonathan Anthony Humphries's profile image

jonathan_anthony_hu shared a tip "Yes"

Matt O's profile image

matt_o_2404 shared a tip "#1000 with Tom Segura & Joey Diaz. #1177 sober October are classics"

Jenna Marion's profile image

jenna_marion shared a tip "Talks about anything and everything. I learn a lot from the episodes I assume I won’t enjoy."

Belacyprus 's profile image

belacyprus shared a tip "Rush Limbaugh for cool gen X dads."

Nash Roy's profile image

nash_roy_9130 shared a tip "Eh"

Hamad C's profile image

hamad_c shared a tip "I'm also a big fan of Tim Ferris .. less celeb more educational"

Hamad C's profile image

hamad_c shared a tip "Yea! Checkout Tim Ferris on YouTube as well"

Lyn826 's profile image

lyn826 shared a tip "Just watched the Podcast with Quentin Tarantino. It was pretty fascinating."

Jenea Turner's profile image

jenea_turner shared a tip "Yes, I think so. I like his interview with Maynard J Keenan."

becky_hadaway shared a tip "My fav is Smartless"

John Williams's profile image

john_williams_5057 shared a tip "Steve was on the Joe Rogan podcast. It's good"

Michelle Hatcher's profile image

michelle_hatcher_4789 shared a tip "The Elon Musk episodes are entertaining. Sad and awkward, but entertaining nonetheless."

Sondra Lintelmann-Dellaripa's profile image

sondra_lintelmann-d shared a tip "Quite a few recommended this - it goes on my list!"

erika_simms shared a tip "He interviews a lot of interesting people."

Stephen Wilds's profile image

stephen_wilds shared a tip "I'd say so yeah"

Stephen Wilds's profile image

stephen_wilds shared a tip "I like the post malone episode personally that miht be a good place to start"

Vab Kapoor's profile image

vab_kapoor shared a tip "I wish 😂"

Duane Robinson's profile image

duane_robinson_4126 shared a tip "Haven't listened to him in a while but when there's a great topic I guest I'll give it a go."

non_wor_4227 shared a tip "Not always great, but always something"

pam_sackschewsky shared a tip "Blah Blah Blah"

Eleonaure Dufour's profile image

eleonaure_dufour shared a tip "Armchair expert is like that :)"

Kyle Ortiz's profile image

KeazyKyle shared a tip "Older but Stronger by Hans Hageman 💪🏽"

Diane Rene's profile image

diane_rene shared a tip "Challenging the status quo and backs it up with logic and research."

linda_nygaard shared a tip "I enjoy the wide range of guests he has on his show."

brian_tilden shared a tip "I love Joe Rogan, always will 😂😂👌🏻🤘🏻"

jessica_keck_3734 shared a tip "Yes - they are hours long and fly by. He talk to people that I didn't know I would find interesting. Try it out!"

Carol Danvers's profile image

carol_danvers shared a tip "I enjoy the different perspectives from the wide variety of folks he talks with."

Iggy Pizaña's profile image

iggy_pizaa shared a tip "Always a classic"

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