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If you're cool with hateful conservative nutjobs like Ben Shapiro or Steven Crowder then we're not gonna be cool. Otherwise I'm all for a difference in taste, even if I think your taste is ludicrous. Tell Bill Gates to give me a Likewise check mark 2021 If you want you can follow my Letterboxd My profile on Letterboxd (Updated link)


Spooktober bonus: So, I started watching this show at season 2 and... Okay. A typical episode of this show (at least as of s2) is separated into 5 parts. There's an unrelated Boulet Brothers skit, a main challenge in which we get some contestant bonding/drama in its prep time, then a showcase of the final product and judging, an elimination challenge which is usually some Fear Factor ********, and the "murder" of the eliminated queen (which is another skit of that queen dying a slasher death). And I'm like really torn on this show. I generally ******* love the main challenge. The monster makeup on display here is amazing and that's where you get the bulk of the fun interpersonal drama. I also like the stated goal of the show in showing a messier more complex view of the LGBTQ+ and drag community. And they mostly hold true to that. The opening skits however I usually find unrelated and not very funny. The ending skits can veir in that direction too but they tend to be shorter and feature fun kills so I usually like them better. However, I just hate the Fear Factor ********. I don't understand what it has to do with anything usually and it's usually pretty gross and doesn't even seem to have an impact on who gets eliminated sometimes. So, yeah, idk. I'm torn on this show.

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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula

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