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If you're cool with hateful conservative nutjobs like Ben Shapiro or Steven Crowder then we're not gonna be cool. Otherwise I'm all for a difference in taste, even if I think your taste is ludicrous. Tell Bill Gates to give me a Likewise check mark 2021 If you want you can follow my Letterboxd My profile on Letterboxd (Updated link)


I've gotten all my friends watching this anime because it is very good. My wife made fun of me because I watched the first two episodes like three times before the third episode came out. (When I texted her about it she replied with "we get it you have brain worms" lol). Honestly, Im just really digging this series. It's got this warmness mixed with great comedic timing and likable characters that I very much respond to.

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Shows | Animation

My wife made me watch this with her (in broadcast order) as an important show from her adolescence and this show has a dedication to its artistic vision at times at the expense of its watchability that rivals... Most art films I've seen. I have a lot of respect for it. Also it's got some solid gags and surprisingly good "camera work" for a weekly anime series. It was an interesting watch and I ended up quite liking it.

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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Shows | Animation

An imperfect but interesting examination of the racism inherent to much of the Western genre especially that of the 30s and 40s and staring John Wayne. It's a self reflection of sorts and perhaps it's greedy or unreasonable of me to want or expect more but I kind of do. I wrote a LOT about this on letterboxd but there's a lot to cover to form a complete impression of this movie.

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The Searchers

Movies | Western

This movie starts by telling you that any representation of characters to real life figures living or dead is 100% intentional before going into an insane story of political intrigue that sees police colluding with a far right group in the murder of a leftist, pacifist politician. And, I thought this movie would be kind of dry but it keeps up intrigue through it's entire runtime to such a degree that despite starting it late at night I didn't check the time once. These events are the telling of a real political assassination in Greece (1963). I strongly recommend this movie.

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Movies | Drama

The stuff with women in this movie is a bit weird as it doesn't really tie into much else besides maybe, broadly, commodification. Either way it's weird to have your supposedly sympathetic main character refer to who is supposed to be his primary love interest derogatorially as "furniture" through most of the movie. There are some interesting ideas in here though. The death room scene is fantastic and the overall environmental theme of the movie has aged like wine. It's a real mixed bag imo.

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Soylent Green

Movies | Mystery

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