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Current and classic episodes, featuring compelling true-crime mysteries, powerful documentaries and in-depth investigations.

Artist NBC News

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Release Date 1/18/23

Explicitness Clean

Country USA


Marta 's profile image

marta_2550 shared a tip "Sucks you in! And Keith Morrison has a voice to be remembered."

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Very informative one of my favorite shows"

Meghan Collins-Lamar's profile image

meghan_collins-lamar shared a tip "I like it but so predictable. It’s always the SO. It just gets so boring because you know how it’s going to end."

betsy_oswalt shared a tip "I loved S-Town. Haven't been able to find anything I've loved as much since!"

Kimberly Rolen Nelson's profile image

tv_fan_grl shared a tip "Totally hooked..."

Tara Lacey's profile image

tara_lacey shared a tip "Total comfort food true crime, especially the Keith Morrison ones 😍"

Cara Piskopos-Petrucci's profile image

cara_piskopos-petrucci shared a tip "I love it. It’s the show without the TV part. It’s super detailed and almost always has a conclusion. Great driving podcast."

Katrina Weaver's profile image

katrina_weaver shared a tip "I do too!!"

Angee 's profile image

angee_6864 shared a tip "Yes, it's the same as the TV show episodes. I've enjoyed it , especially when they have good stories."

Molly Scott's profile image

molly_scott_2164 shared a tip "Absolutely"

Jerry Latham's profile image

jerry_latham shared a tip "I think it's good programming"

Araceli Hernandez's profile image

araceli_hernandez_311 shared a tip "I also enjoyed crime junkies and true crime all the time"

kristin_williams_6968 shared a tip "Crime Junkie is my favorite!"

crystal_1375 shared a tip "I don't remember the name of it, but it was about sex trafficking and Ashton Kutcher was on it."

Rosie Dillow's profile image

rosie_dillow shared a tip "It's just like the show. Great for driving or work."

bobwollaton shared a tip

alan_hollingsworth shared a tip "I pretty much like em all, what’s your favorite episode?"

Linda Martz's profile image

linda_martz shared a tip "yes ...do you?"

Charlotte S's profile image

charlotte_s_269 shared a tip "I enjoy this more than the TV series."

Jennifer Luna's profile image

jennifer_luna shared a tip "Yes I agree! For me one of the ones that really stayed with me was the episode they did about Laci Peterson, how about you?"

 Kennedy Maehl Kennedy Maehl's profile image

awesome_user_393638 shared a tip "Ngl I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts but I am trying to get into them lol"

Celine Tran's profile image

celine_tran shared a tip "Yes! I love Dateline!"

Portia Johnson's profile image

portia_johnson shared a tip "Thank you....I like several podcast, I like Cold and true reporter crime."

Shane 's profile image

pink.palmetto shared a tip "As good as the TV show. LOVE Keith Morrison!"

Sarah Cooke's profile image

sarah_cooke_8156 shared a tip "Crime junkie, anatomy of murder, park predators, red collar!"

lori_walker_723 shared a tip "YES!! Soooo good!"

kayla_perkins_7980 shared a tip "this is my favorite podcast to listen too, if you like true crime this is definitely for you"

Anita Lanauze's profile image

anita_lanauze shared a tip "It is awesome, listen to one and you'll see, true and unbelievable stories"

Raquel Martinez's profile image

raquel_martinez_2209 shared a tip "Not really"

Jeff Moore's profile image

jeff_moore_580 shared a tip "me neither. I can't actually vouch for this one. I like watching the show tho."

lillian_hart shared a tip "Watch dateline...even repeats."

Amanda Stott's profile image

amanda_stott shared a tip "The latest one always tends to become my favorite 😂 I love the ones with Keith Morrison particularly!"

Cristiana Ferreira's profile image

cristiana_ferreira_4793 shared a tip "A friend just recommended Gabrielle Bernstein... check her out"

Lorena Velastegui's profile image

lorena_velastegui shared a tip "I don’t, I just started!"

yenny_1199 shared a tip "there’s too many, hard to pick! My favorite podcast tho is crime junkie, so you listen to that one?"

Sonya Lobrigo's profile image

sonya_lobrigo_5547 shared a tip "Obsessed"

Emily Jones's profile image

emily_jones_2908 shared a tip "Try “The thing about Pam,” it’s really good and is a series which I love:)"

Ellygra DiLalla's profile image

ellygra_dilalla shared a tip "True Crime Obsessed!"

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