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Jade Lilly's profile image

jade_lilly_4771 shared a tip "Looove her."

QB 's profile image

agentq5ft2 shared a tip "I love anything this girl does. Her voice is soothing and the content is addictive."

Andrea ❤️'s profile image

rea_108 shared a tip "I found out a lot of things that I think should be taught in schools nowadays thanks to this podcast! 10/10 recommend"

Valerie Lopez's profile image

valerie_lopez_3060 shared a tip "Really enjoy learning about events that are just slipped under the rug by the U.S."

𝓢𝓪𝓲𝓽𝓸 's profile image

xvsaitov shared a tip "This is what we all been waiting for!! My true crime queen👸"

Kia Lewis's profile image

keeekachu shared a tip "I started watching Bailey's MMM. She is such a lovable spirit. I'm so excited for season 2 🥳🥳"

sarah_guerin_4438 shared a tip "Yes it’s very good ! Some of the posts are better than others but they’re all good . I think you’ll enjoy it"

Amanda Jones's profile image

amanda_jones_9243 shared a tip "I love it! But I’m also obsessed with Bailey Sarian! But I think definitely worth a listen."

Siedah Holmes's profile image

siedah_holmes shared a tip "Bailey has my whole heart. 😂😂"

jordan gohre's profile image

jordan_gohre shared a tip "bailey is an icon! my new favorite true crime podcast"

Ashley Hillman's profile image

ashley_hillman shared a tip "Ep 19 about the concentration camps in America. It was wild and tragic. I learned a lot I didn’t know about before."

Mari Sailer's profile image

mari_sailer shared a tip "Started with her murder, mystery and makeup. Unusual concept. Not even quiet sure why I like it. Just something real about her."

trinity_ramon shared a tip "I love this podcast so much 😍"

Safi James's profile image

Safi_James shared a tip "Murder with my Husband"

EllieTheOwl 's profile image

ellietheowl shared a tip "Interesting, dark, funny, and mysterious."

CBecks 's profile image

cbecks shared a tip "Bailey is my queen 🥹🥰"

Brittany Pendergrass's profile image

brittany_pendergrass shared a tip "History chicks is really great too!"

Maple <3's profile image

m_a_p_l_e shared a tip "This podcast is everything 10/10 i def recommend!! dark history and true crime <3"

E McCune's profile image

e_mccune shared a tip "A lot of commercials but good"

Kendal Elyzabeth's profile image

kendal_elyzabeth shared a tip "Bailey is a really entertaining host who keeps you hooked."

Kaitlin Gallagher's profile image

kaitlin_gallagher_4879 shared a tip "I LOVE Bailey Sarian! The way she tells stories is fantastic!"

katie nicholas's profile image

katie_nicholas_5094 shared a tip "i love bailey sarian. great story teller and so so funny"

jaimee_tatro shared a tip "Makes you rethink everything you learned in your history books"

Emily Flanagan's profile image

emily_flanagan_8392 shared a tip "Interesting and makes learning history fun ."

Shawna campbell's profile image

shawnabean shared a tip "I really like it. Bailey Sarian is a very entertaining story teller."

Crystal Merida's profile image

crystal_merida shared a tip "I love Bailey and her murder Monday you tube videos. This is an extension of that."

lacey_hendershot shared a tip "Bailey Sarian is a very entertaining story teller."

Zoi Combs's profile image

zoi_combs shared a tip "Royal Blood and ATWWD"

Kailey Shay's profile image

kaileyshay22 shared a tip "Bailey is great with stories"

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