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Very real portrayal of what AA went through and even though it isn't come close to everything that happened to them, it's enough for you to understand how much pain and misery they endured. As much as a lot of you don't want to believe it, a lot of these people are still alive. The people who went through this and the people who did it to them.

12 Years a Slave image12 Years a Slave image

12 Years a Slave

Movies | Drama

I got second lead syndrome, it's so good though and I dont regret watching it. My baby Kang Jooonnnnnnn, I love him!! 😭💕

Cheese in the Trap imageCheese in the Trap image

Cheese in the Trap

Shows | Comedy

This is the saddest kdrama I ever watched it had me laughing, crying, and smiling with the characters. I love how its realistic and it shows that sometimes reality is painful but it's a very beautiful drama. Watch it 10/10 ❤❤

Uncontrollably Fond imageUncontrollably Fond image

Uncontrollably Fond

Shows | Drama

The scenes are intense had me falling in love alongside her. I liked the one she didnt end up with, but I was still happy with how it ended.

Love Alarm imageLove Alarm image

Love Alarm

Shows | Drama

One of the first K-dramas I watched, it got me into watching more. I absolutely love this version and the original. I loved every moment of this show and I would watch it over and over again.

Meteor Garden imageMeteor Garden image

Meteor Garden

Shows | Comedy

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