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I am an anti-snobby lover of books and TV. I believe everything is subjective and we like what we like and that's awesome. Let's talk about it! 🖤


This book has an amazing twist! Definitely worth a read if you love a good thriller with a twist you weren't expecting. 🖤

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The Silent Patient

Books | Alex Michaelides

This is literally my favorite 'feel good' movie. No it's not some cinematic masterpiece, but it is the perfect movie for when you just want to relax and feel all warm and cozy. 🖤

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The Holiday

Movies | Comedy

I was probably 8-ish so around 2000-2001 and my mother let me watch this with her because she said it was one of her favorite movies! 😃 I have loved it ever since, and think of her whenever I re-watch it. It's timeless! 🖤

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Movies | Comedy

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