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A fun LGBTQIA+ pirate romp that's super funny,engaging,and keeps you hooked the entire way through.

Our Flag Means Death imageOur Flag Means Death image

Our Flag Means Death

Shows | Comedy

Tom Cruise somehow nails Bon Jovi and all the other singers absolutely bring it. It's fun for newer generations and a bit nostalgic for older generations. It's honestly a great musical even if you don't like musicals.

Rock of Ages imageRock of Ages image

Rock of Ages

Movies | Comedy

Funny,Charming,and actually kinda heartwarming at parts. If it's got these guys in it you can bet you're in for a wild but fun ride.

Hot Fuzz imageHot Fuzz image

Hot Fuzz

Movies | Crime

It's just a classic. Adorable movie that shows kids from all backgrounds and the true spirit of Christmas.

The Polar Express imageThe Polar Express image

The Polar Express

Movies | Adventure

Super funny and relatable. It's kind of a chick flick but if you're meh about chick flicks this is the one I'd start with.

Easy A imageEasy A image

Easy A

Movies | Comedy

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