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Hannah King



I'm a lover of books and film. All the way from Fantasy and Compassion to nonfiction and Taking Action


This is a great spin off of the original Peter Pan Story. Great for both adults and children, although there are a few swear words. Other than that, it’s pretty clever and an enjoyable movie. By far it’s one of my favorites. #drama #fantasy #family #kids #movieswithkids #movies #adventure #lifelessons

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Movies | Drama

The Blood of Zues is an amazing anime!! It's got an art style like Castelvania set in Greek Mythology, an awesome story plot with good plot twists, and I binged watched it in an Entire day!!! Best part too is that mom loved it and she doesn't like any animes!!! I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!#drama #anime #mythology #greek #bingeworthy

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Blood of Zeus

Shows | Animation

It's such a great anime to bondage watch! It doesn't have any gore but it's a great plot on survival and is based in a dystopian world.

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The Promised Neverland

Shows | Animation

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