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Hey I’m Lexi, I have no idea how to use this app but I’ll learn ❤️


Really good movie, it really had me thinking.

Passing imagePassing image


Movies | Drama

Off topic but Patrick is so fine he wouldn’t need to pay me. Anyways 10/10 ❤️.

American Psycho imageAmerican Psycho image

American Psycho

Movies | Thriller

They talked so much, it was more talking than fighting if I’m being honest, but overall it wasn’t bad

Baki Hanma imageBaki Hanma image

Baki Hanma


I’m on episode 2, and can I just say, this show makes me so anxious like I’m not even kidding.

Blood & Water imageBlood & Water image

Blood & Water

Shows | Drama

I love this show so much, I also really love Esdeath. 10/10

Akame ga Kill! imageAkame ga Kill! image

Akame ga Kill!

Shows | Action & Adventure

I love every episode except the last episode, 9/10.

Squid Game imageSquid Game image

Squid Game

Shows | Drama

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