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Hey my name is Jojo I will be posting ideas for netflix only and ideas on what to watch as well as some of my favorite movies and series INJOY!

Really good but you have to pay close attention to understand what s happening.

Stranger Things imageStranger Things image

Stranger Things

Shows | Drama

Really good and have great team work

The Flash imageThe Flash image

The Flash

Shows | Drama

It's fun and kids would INJOY

Tangled imageTangled image


Movies | Animation

It's a nice movie.

The Lion King imageThe Lion King image

The Lion King

Movies | Family

This one is really interesting I like it because it includes a phone and the phone hypnotizes boys only with an app.

Zapped imageZapped image


Movies | Comedy

I like the a-list because it's also interesting and it includes teamwork.

The A List imageThe A List image

The A List

Shows | Drama

I like this one because it's also interesting because how there emotions are in this movie is like not in regular movies.

Feel the Beat imageFeel the Beat image

Feel the Beat

Movies | Comedy

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