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This isn’t usually the type of genre I read but the summary caught my interest, there where times to me personally that it got boring but every little action or detail of something eventful had me glued to my spot not wanting to put it down. The only problem with this is I felt like the ending was rushed because of all the details and storyline in the beginning

Invisible World imageInvisible World image

Invisible World

Books | Suzanne Weyn

I bought this book expecting it to be something entirely different, but I’m glad I did I give this book a 10/10. The story between two strangers who met when they really needed somebody in there life while traversing up a mountain is a wonderful story to be told

Trapped at the Summit imageTrapped at the Summit image

Trapped at the Summit

Books | Ali Olson

This is the deepest book I ever. I was so compelled to turn page after page I finished in a hour or two. 10/10 would recommend

Milk and Honey imageMilk and Honey image

Milk and Honey

Books | Rupi Kaur

This isn’t a genre that I read but I’m glad that I did. I felt like I had a direct insight into Tabby’s life, especially since we’re the same race.

Black Girls Must Be Magic imageBlack Girls Must Be Magic image

Black Girls Must Be Magic

Books | Jayne Allen

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