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Sucker for gory films, but I can also recognize quality film and tv.


I thought this was gonna be a pure cheese action with poor direction. To my pleasant surprise, this movie has good action. First act is a little boring but it picks up with constant and excellently directed gunplay. It is captured perfectly and the weapons have blanks to give authenticity through muzzle flash, gas dispersion, and shell ejection. Cherry on top is a warm ending. This won’t make any lists for best action films. But it’s not garbage when it had every right to be.

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Movies | Action

I can only nitpick one or two scenes that were a little off about this film. Every other second is fundamentally masterful. Epic moments are truly epic due to camera work and direction. To add the cherry on top, the dialogue is consistently well written and delivered.

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13 Assassins

Movies | Adventure

Not the best story execution but the cinematography and direction makes up for it. A consistently artistic and visually satisfying film.

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Movies | Drama

This one lived up to hype. One of my favourite if not my favourite PG-13 horror film yet.

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Movies | Horror

Has every right to be an average action film, but it is much better then that. Excellent direction.

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Lost Bullet 2


Weak writing, bad pacing, but good action. Well known actors do help push through what would be annoying dialogue and acting. If you need something fun and don’t really care about it being the best film you’ve ever seen, won’t be a bad experience for you.

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Bullet Train

Movies | Action

Proper realistic gore and sexual deviance displayed.

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Movies | Crime

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