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Cornelius Daniels



I'd consider myself a cinephile Horror is my mainstay but I'm also into comedy, action and drama.


This show is quite the rollercoaster, it keeps you both on the edge of your seat and confused wanting to know more. Unfortunately in my opinion the ending/last episode was a very frustrating and puzzling slog to get through. I know they plan on making a sequel due to the bait of an ending but I just don't understand the protagonists motivation.

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Squid Game

Shows | Drama

This film is low budget hood movie gold. It honestly checks all the boxes of a "so bad it's good" movie whether it be the terrible script and acting or the lighting and audio mixing. It's all there and then some bro lol I would strongly recommend for a good laugh. Let me also include a trigger warning.

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Turned Out


I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, seeing how quickly someone's career can spiral into madness and the lengths they'd go to to be respected on social media

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Forever Rich

Movies | Drama

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