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Okay so I would not say this is a bad show AT ALL. Does it need some improvement ? Yes. But is the show bad and not worth watching ? No. Im so tired of people expecting shows to be EXACTLY like the books…. NO! If you want the old stuff so bad, go read them. As I said before, the show needs some improvement in writing, sex scene placements and a few other things but the show is really not that bad. And also, Im glad to see a masculine yet feminine Black male Lead & not just sterotypes !

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Tom Swift


I really enjoy watching this show ! The plot is Great and you get to learn about Chinese culture ! What’s not to love ?! ♥️♥️♥️

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Kung Fu


I love when tv show creators take old books/comics and make them dark and creepy 😄 I love love love this show it is so good and deserves more love than its getting. The cast is great ! The acting is great ! The storyline just keeps getting better and better ! Dont expect it to be like the old movies and/or books because its NOT and if it were, it wouldn’t be fun to watch because you can just watch the old ones (though there are lots of correlation) THIS IS NEW ! Please give it a chance

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Nancy Drew

Shows | Mystery

ELLIOT IS BACK BABY ! Im really glad they decided to bring him back and give him his own show separate from Olivia because although I miss them working together all the time, seeing them work on cases from different groups is AMAZINGG ! Idk how, but he got in better shape than he was back on svu and is hotter ? 🫠 RIP Kathy but after El is done grieving her death, maybe he and Olivia can finally act on their feelings they suppressed for 20 years😂

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Law & Order: Organized Crime

Shows | Crime

Ummm…. Its giving wattpad stories coming to life. There is little to no plot and if Im being honest, I didn’t like this one as much as the first. The whole movie is pretty much sex and full length songs playing back to back. The songs played weren’t even always the same tone, genre, or even language. I was expecting to hear about what happened at the end of the first movie but ☹️. But on the bright side ! HOT. PEOPLE. EVERYWHERE !!!!!

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365 Days: This Day

Movies | Drama

I watched this movie with my sister and we both had opposite opinions. She saw it as romantic whereas I saw it as toxic and cruel. But we both agreed it was hot and steamy and I would watch again. Its basically the Italian version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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365 Days

Movies | Drama

This movie was REALLY GOOD BUT I have to say im sad about the ending and hope there will be another movie in the future….like next week 😂

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Spider-Man: No Way Home

Movies | Action

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