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Nice thought. Chiwetel makes me sympathize with him even though he ain’t right lol. Whalberg is his usual self. It’s a movie that entertains but it’s really nothing new. Want to just have a chill night then this will do the trick.

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Movies | Drama

It’s not the book but it’s still an enjoyable movie. Brings something a little different to the genre. I was engaged the entire time. Some of the characters definitely upset you with their choices

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Bird Box

Movies | Thriller

It’s passed the watch test. There is a lot going on. It’s not John David’s best movie but it was slightly enjoyable.

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Movies | Thriller

It’s not the Sixth Sense but it’s not his worst movie. It definitely had a good premise and some good things going on. The execution was not all the way there. Some things were let out too early or left to be desired. I still enjoyed it though.

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Movies | Thriller

Good transition into the next phase of the MCU.

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Black Widow

Movies | Action

Not the best action movie but enough to keep you invested if you want to be. Slightly predictable even with the occasional twist trying to be thrown in. Special affects were not the TOP of the line but they got the job done. It’s a Liam Neeson movie so you get what you get lol. It’s not his best but it’s a good time to just chill.

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The Ice Road

Movies | Action

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