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My absolute favorite addition in the wall flower series. I reread the series frequently but this one. The enemy to lovers trope is soooooo freaking goood in this one. The characters gawd. They were very well done. I did take issue with how Lisa kleypas showed Lillians talent yet nothing came of it.

It Happened One Autumn imageIt Happened One Autumn image

It Happened One Autumn

Books | Lisa Kleypas

Enjoyed it!! The dynamic was so good, the jealousy did get a bit meeeeh but it worked well due to personalities so I can't say I minded. There was allot of family bonding in the book which was rather well done imo

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Cold-Hearted Rake

Books | Lisa Kleypas

It's the usual historical romance. I enjoyed it. Found myself binge reading it. There were some parts were I questioned the romantic part like "why is that romantic it's silly" but Eloisa James always addressed that will her writing and made it a joke in the book which I loved. Gonna finish the series and probably reread this at some point.

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A Kiss at Midnight

Books | Eloisa James

The romance was what I was wanting. The usual **** romance. Didn't like the keeping breeders aspect or tail aspect but eeh still read it

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Books | Myra Danvers

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