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A wonderful house with a grand garden - and plenty of lost souls. This is the Beresford. As a tenant you'll have the freedom to come and go whenever you please. The rent is cheap and dear Mrs. May, the owner of the place, always offers a helping hand and warm words of wisdom. It can't be that perfect, right? Right! Be ready to kill or be killed in this entertaining story by Will Carver. At the end you'll ask yourself whether the big guy in heaven is truly listening or not.

The Beresford imageThe Beresford image

The Beresford

Books | Will Carver

A gothic tale - dark, eerie but also heartwarming.

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Books | Victoria Schwab

A raw family story about love and jealousy, hurt and forgiveness. Definitely something that made me feel a little empty - a uniquely written short novel that should be read.

We Were Liars imageWe Were Liars image

We Were Liars

Books | E. Lockhart

Can I be honest?? Vince our boy SAVED this story! Because what was that main character doing/ thinking? 👀

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Book of Night

Books | Holly Black

The overall concept : 10/10 - I love a good obsession story. However, it was too repetitive in my opinion.

Misery imageMisery image


Books | Stephen King

Mixed media thriller with many layers were the truth slowly but surely unfolds. I loved the different elements like photos and newspaper articles to make the Story more real. It's also quite the easy read. Only thing that bothered me was the last 100 pages ... But I decided to forget about them 😅

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Night Film

Books | Marisha Pessl

Explicit #revenge thriller drama that hurts & equally satisfied. The actresses are amazing and so believable!

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The Glory

Shows | Drama

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