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If you love rom-coms like I do then you’ll love this book. I loved Christina’s writing and how everything goes straight to the point and isn’t prolonged. Great summer read. 4.5/5 stars

The Unhoneymooners imageThe Unhoneymooners image

The Unhoneymooners

Books | Christina Lauren

This is one of the first books I read that made me fall in love with reading. I do not recommend watching the show before reading the book because it doesn’t attract the same emotions and reactions when you emerald the book. Also I didn’t really like the show as I did with the book. 3.5/5 stars

Normal People imageNormal People image

Normal People

Books | Sally Rooney

Such an amazing book. I could not put this book down and ended up reading it in three days. Really recommend anyone and everyone to read. 5/5 stars

It Ends with Us imageIt Ends with Us image

It Ends with Us

Books | Colleen Hoover

A good summer read. Wasn’t my favorite due to it being so prolonged but definitely a good read. 3/5 stars

People We Meet on Vacation imagePeople We Meet on Vacation image

People We Meet on Vacation

Books | Emily Henry

Good read. I personally liked the book better than the show because there’s a lot they didn’t include in the show that I really liked from the storyline in the book. Both the show and the book are really good though. 3.5/5 stars

The Summer I Turned Pretty imageThe Summer I Turned Pretty image

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Books | Jenny Han

A very sad and heart felt story. Be aware you will cry and maybe even sob towards the end but it has such a wonderful ending and even more wonderful epilogue. 4/5 stars

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Archer's Voice

Books | Mia Sheridan

This book just made my love for Colleen Hoover books even more deep. Loved everything about this book. The outcome of a tragic love story leading to the growth of a whole new one. 5/5 stars

Ugly Love imageUgly Love image

Ugly Love

Books | Colleen Hoover

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