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9/10! This book definitely has some 🌶️🥵. But the drama in this book is sooo goood. If you like a bad boy but only has eyes for her type of book this is definitely it. But Persephone isn’t a delicate flower either she has her own bad bitch energy ✨.

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Neon Gods

Books | Katee Robert

I have mixed emotions about this book. It was definitely good, it picks up right after the first book, but it never had me at the edge of my seat on a roller coaster like the first. This book was more of a smooth car ride with little bumps, which was still great. We definitely learned more about Atlas and just how amazing his love with lily becomes. But overall a 7/10

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It Starts with Us

Books | Colleen Hoover

7.5/10. We love a realistic romance story, which also includes a love triangle. This book speaks on real life issues not only about domestic violence but about poverty. It can definitely give you a different insider perspective on victims of domestic violence.

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It Ends with Us

Books | Colleen Hoover

7/10. Definitely sexy and history based. A fantasy about enemies to lovers is always juicy! The story is based on Greek mythology and has betrayal!

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Electric Idol

Books | Katee Robert

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