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Alice Hall


This a decent read. Great for a quick read on vacation or when catching a plane. I felt like the mystery part of this book wasn't incredibly mysterious and it will probably be a book I forget the plot to after awhile. This for me is not a must read but a I have nothing else to read book so I guess this will do. Overall the writing is easy to read and the characters feel real. 3⭐s

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The Dry

Books | Jane Harper

This is a fun work of fiction that wants you to ask serious questions about the the surveillance state and it's repercussions on global and individual society as a whole. It's a quick and easy read. There's no doubt that if mystery and government skullduggery are something you're interested in reading, this is the book for you. Additional the characters are well-developed, though they aren't very different from most mass-produced mystery novels. All in all it's an engaging and fun read. 3.5⭐s

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The God's Eye View

Books | Barry Eisler

This book is fantastic, raw and gritty, unabashedly frank, and moving. Maggie Nelson's writing is beautiful and lyrical. The way she uses language and her imagery punch me in the face lol. It really was such a pleasure to have my breath taken away again and again by some insight she had gained and found. And then she further found a way to use words to describe the indescribable. This is a work I will come back to again and again. And I look forward to reading more of her work. 5⭐s

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Books | Maggie Nelson

I finished the book two days ago and I'm still chewing on it. I had read one other Steinbeck novel and so I was familiar with his writing, which by the way, is stunning. His use of language is poetic and lyrical. And his ability to write believable and alive and full character's is awe-inspiring. This book was no exception. It's a multi-generational tale and so invites you to sit back, relax, and take your time immersing yourself in this story. This book is a meandering walk and not a race. 5⭐s

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East of Eden

Books | John Steinbeck

This is a fantastic and easy read. The characters are all distinct and fully developed. They feel like real people. The writing is lovely and accessable. And the reimagining of The Iliad as seen through the eyes of Patroclus was enthralling. I read this a month ago and think about it often. It convinced me to read Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Absolutely recommended. 5⭐s

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The Song of Achilles

Books | Madeline Miller

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