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Alicia Ridley



I absolutely loved it. It's a really good fantasy novel. The characters are beautifully written and it has really good imagery in the story.

Chain of Gold imageChain of Gold image

Chain of Gold

Books | Cassandra Clare

It's a good book about going to another world one filled with magic and magical creatures.

The Light Between Worlds imageThe Light Between Worlds image

The Light Between Worlds

Books | Laura Weymouth

If you like the Narnia books and have read A light between worlds you will like this. It's traveling into another world.

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The Hazel Wood

Books | Melissa Albert

It was different from what I expected. It is has alot of sarcasm in the book and it makes you laugh. I liked this book alot! I liked how the characters each had their own story in each chapter.

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Anxious People

Books | Fredrik Backman

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