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Absolutely love them! It makes me not hate staring a new week so much anymore, since I know on Friday I’ll get a new episode.

those F%#KING fangirls imagethose F%#KING fangirls image

those F%#KING fangirls

Podcasts | Film Reviews

A bit too graphic for me to handle, but after all what do you expect from a war movie. Overall it was enjoyable, and definitely worth the watch.

Hacksaw Ridge imageHacksaw Ridge image

Hacksaw Ridge

Movies | Drama

Definitely a hard movie to get through. But definitely worth it.

All Quiet on the Western Front imageAll Quiet on the Western Front image

All Quiet on the Western Front

Movies | Action

My only complaint is that there wasn’t more

10 Blind Dates image10 Blind Dates image

10 Blind Dates

Books | Ashley Elston

It was a beautiful, heart warming story. That just so happens to be based off of true events!

Jesus Revolution imageJesus Revolution image

Jesus Revolution

Movies | Drama

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