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Although I didnt get to finish the cdrama, the plot was great. Very heart breaking and full of love. ♥️😭

Lost Love in Times imageLost Love in Times image

Lost Love in Times

Shows | Action & Adventure

I really love our steong female lead! She was every I had wished I was. She avenged those who did her wrong successfully and satisfyingly. Uou wont regret watching this cdrama! 🤞♥️

Princess Agents imagePrincess Agents image

Princess Agents

Shows | Drama

This cdrama had me balling my eues for days, making me wait for their next episodes every day until they finally finished. Very saddd! 😭😭😭 But im very glad they had season two!!! ♥️

The Eternal Love imageThe Eternal Love image

The Eternal Love

Shows | Comedy

This is for those who are new to historical cdramas. Although the begnning was rough and strong like the female lead it is truely an amazing cdrama! ♥️♥️♥️

The Legends imageThe Legends image

The Legends

Shows | Action & Adventure

The beginning was clueless and very intriguing, but as the drama went on, the more sad it got. 😭😭😭

The Journey of Flower imageThe Journey of Flower image

The Journey of Flower

Shows | Drama

Although this is just a short movie of the “Eternal Love: Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom” This hit real hard. 😭

Once Upon a Time imageOnce Upon a Time image

Once Upon a Time

Movies | Drama

Amazing! This drama is for those who are new to historical cdramas! Very heartbreaking! 😭😭😭

Eternal Love imageEternal Love image

Eternal Love

Shows | Drama

Although I didnt watch till the end, I know that this drama hadn’t fail me.

Love of Thousand Years imageLove of Thousand Years image

Love of Thousand Years

Shows | Action & Adventure

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