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Love Historical Fiction 📚 Romance 🥰 Classics 🤌❤ and inspiring heart felt Christian fiction 🤗😇🥲 Follow for suggestions if your like me 😘😘 Check my TBR List what ya waiting for!!!

It took me such a long time to really get into this book but I'm into it now and have to finish the series. Don't give up and wait for the plot twist and if your still not interested DNF it.

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A Fall Together

Books | Jennifer O'Neill

Good follow up with Wonder another thing I love about this duology is the different pov's I love those type of books and really get the background story of everyone. My favorite out of this book was the Julian chapter I cried frfr lol 🥲 soo good would read Wonder first tho.

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Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories

Books | R. J. Palacio

Such a good book love love ❤ I'm 16 and still love this book even tho it's more a middle school book it's just soo good and I lowkey used to feel the same as Auggie did prolly why I love it so much very encouraging when you feel different from everyone else whether that's physical or character differences. Just a reminder you are beautiful/handsome whoever is reading this and don't let anyone tell you different learn to accept yourself and your quirks everyone has them🥰

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Books | R.J. Palacio

Really good so inspiring its why I read this type of genre you will enjoy if you can get past the horrific descriptions definitely wanna read the triggers before reading I would suggest.

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The Librarian of Auschwitz

Books | Antonio Iturbe

Such a good book if your into the Holocaust Era this is the book for you but this story line is after the camps and its such a good read and there is some romance drama in here as well ❤ 😊 enjoy!!

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They Went Left

Books | Monica Hesse

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