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Did this read like Holly Black wrote her own Cruel prince fanfic .. yes. Am I mad about that, no. Look, this author doesn’t create black and white characters who make obvious choices, that’s why we lust for this story to continue! Oak’s perfect and Ren … well Ren is a story waiting to be told ;)

The Stolen Heir imageThe Stolen Heir image

The Stolen Heir

Books | Holly Black

Ninth house, book of night, and hellbent … read like the best comic book world i’ve ever wanted. If you’re in it for mystery, imaginary, magic you’ve found a great new series… granted if I have to wait another four years I might have start a small fire… just to summon my own demons

Hell Bent imageHell Bent image

Hell Bent

Books | Leigh Bardugo

It was kind of a simple story but I liked the viciousness of the mc

To Kill a Kingdom imageTo Kill a Kingdom image

To Kill a Kingdom

Books | Alexandra Christo

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